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An invisible object in space formed when a massive star collapses is called...
a) dark matter.
b) a supernova.
c) a black hole.
d) a superluminal spaceship.

The smallest planet in the Solar System is called ...
a) Venus.
b) Pluto.
c) Mercury.
d) the Moon.

When is it dark during the day?
a) When there is an eclipse of the Sun.
b) When there is an eclipse of the Moon.
c) When the Earth is the furthest from the Sun.
d) It never happens.

It isn't an animal, but it's got a tail.
a) bat
b) asteroid
c) rocket
d) comet

What do you call a cloud of space dust?
a) Milky Way
b) galaxy
c) nebula
d) smaug

When did the astronomers decide that Pluto is a dwarf planet?
a) in 2000.
b) in 1930.
c) in 2010.
d) in 19th century.

How many moons has Jupiter got?
a) zero
b) eight
c) four
d) more than 10

Neptune's atmoshere is mostly made of ...
a) water
b) oxygen
c) methane gas
d) hydrogen

What is the speed of winds on Neptune?
a) about 3000 km/h
b) over 2000 km/h
c) less than 1000 km/h
d) It hasn't been measured yet.

A space rock that becomes so hot it glows when it passes into Earth's atmosphere is called ...
a) a meteor.
b) a shooting star.
c) a spacerock.
d) an asteroid.

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