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If another light bulb is added to a series circuit,
a) all bulbs will appear brighter.
b) all bulbs will appear dimmer.
c) only the bulb that is added will be dimmer.
d) the circuit will short.

Which type of electrical circuitry would be best for wiring a home?
a) simple circuits
b) series circuits
c) parallel circuits
d) all of the above

Which of the following is a resistor in an electrical circuit?
a) wire
b) light bulb
c) buzzer
d) all of the above.

A neutrally charged object can be statically charged by which of the following processes?
a) friction
b) water
c) air
d) all of the above

What is the purpose of an electrical circuit?
a) Electrical circuits transform electrical energy to light.
b) Electrical circuits transfer chemical energy.
c) Electrical circuits transfer electrical energy.
d) Electrical circuits transform electrical energy with no heat loss.

The particles of an atom that have charges are
a) the proton and neutron.
b) the electron and proton.
c) the electron and neutron.
d) the proton, neutron, and electron.

The law of electrostatics states
a) two objects with like charges will be attracted to each other.
b) two objects with unlike charges will be repelled from each other.
c) two objects with like charges will be repelled from each other.
d) two objects will always be attracted to each other because of gravity.

Kinetic energy is
a) energy in a stretched rubber band.
b) energy of action/movement.
c) stored energy.
d) energy of position.

All negative charges of an atom are located
a) in the neutrons.
b) in the protons.
c) in the nucleus.
d) outside of the nucleus.

Any time an energy transformation occurs, _____ energy is released.
a) thermal
b) potential
c) nuclear
d) mechanical

Light energy is an example of what form of energy?
a) thermal
b) mechanical
c) electromagnetic
d) nuclear

If a light bulb is removed from a parallel circuit
a) the other bulb will appear brighter.
b) the other bulb will appear dimmer.
c) the brightness of the other bulb will not change.
d) the circuit will short out.

Which of the following factors influences the strength of an electromagnet?
a) the number of coils
b) the amount of current
c) the iron core
d) all of the above

Which of the following statements best describes magnetic field strength in electromagnets?
a) As the number of coils increases, the strength decreases.
b) As the number of coils increases, the strength increases.
c) As the current increases, the strength decreases.
d) As the core size increases, the strength decreases.

In an electric motor the energy transformation that occurs is
a) mechanical to electrical.
b) electrical to mechanical.
c) electrical to potential.
d) chemical to mechanical.

Electricity is the flow of
a) electrons.
b) neutrons.
c) protons.
d) domains.

The north poles of two magnets _____ each other.
a) align
b) attract
c) repel
d) heat up

In a magnet, all the domains of a substance are aligned in the opposite direction.
a) True
b) False

A compass needle always points south because of the Earth's magnetic field.
a) True
b) False

What is a pathway for the flow of electricity?
a) current
b) wire
c) circuit
d) battery

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