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What most likely helped the Sumerians develop the first civilization?
a) They were able to fight off others and settle the valley first.
b) They were able to use the resources of the valley to farm.
c) They were able to produce a surplus of food allowing for specialization.
d) They chose a good leader.

Who were the people in the southern end of Mesopotamia who created the world's first civilization?
a) Sumerians
b) Akkadians
c) Babylonians
d) Assyrians

Which of the following is an example of human-environmental interaction?
a) fishing in rivers
b) settling into the valley
c) digging irrigation ditches and canals to water dry sections of cultivated land
d) killing the files that plagued them in some seasons

Which of the following is the most likely reason for the development of government in Sumer?
a) the take-over of Sumer by a strong military ruler
b) the need for order in society as population increased and large projects had to be completed
c) kings from neighboring lands took over
d) the people lost the fear of gods and looked for human rulers

Sumerian city-states fought each other constantly. What did they fight over most of the time?
a) land and water rights
b) whose city was the best
c) property of the gods
d) whose god was best

What is a ziggurat?
a) the home of the city's chief god
b) the king's palace
c) the market place
d) the court

Which of the following Sumerian ideas was probably the reason for their religious beliefs?
a) The idea that the forces of nature were alive and gods were to be pleased.
b) The idea that kings died and became gods to be worshipped.
c) The idea that only war was important and the war gods ruled
d) the idea that there were no gods and man could do as he pleased.

What is the borrowing of Sumerian writing and religious beliefs by Sargon's people an example of?
a) human-environmental interaction
b) cultural diffusion
c) movement
d) place

Hammurabi made many reforms which of the following is not one of them?
a) new system of writing based on the Phoenician alphabet
b) improved irrigation
c) raised Babylon's god above all others
d) codified the laws

During Hammurabi's reign, Babylon became an important center for which of the following?
a) trade
b) religion
c) culture
d) diplomacy

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