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The illegal copying of computer programs
a) Software piracy
b) Scams
c) Trojan horse
d) Worm

A program that does something useful but hidden from view does something destructive like erase data on a hard drive
a) Trojan horse
b) Virus
c) Macro virus
d) Worm

Type of virus that replicates itself inside another program
a) Worm
b) Macro virus
c) Virus
d) Trojan horse

A program that performs tasks that the user doesn't expect
a) Virus
b) Worm
c) Trojan Horse
d) Software Piracy

Using the Internet to break the law
a) Cybercrime
b) Penalty
c) Computer Crime
d) Copyright

Violates laws and involves using a computer
a) Computer crime
b) Cybercrime
c) Downtime
d) Virus

Law that protects individuals and companies from theft of their creative work
a) Copyright
b) Plagiarism
c) Misuse
d) AUP

These are the guidelines computer users follow in order to user the Internet
a) Acceptable use policy
b) Fair use
c) Penalty
d) Copyright

A portion of copyrighted work that can be used without permission in some cases
a) Fair use
b) Plagiarism
c) Penalty
d) Misuse

Material from website or book used without permission and passing it off as yours
a) Plagiarism
b) Fair Use
c) Ethics
d) AUP

Program that finds another's password
a) Packet sniffer
b) Uninterruptible power supply
c) Power surge
d) Cybercrime

Device that aims to prevent interruption of power to a computer
a) Uninterruptible power supply
b) Packet sniffer
c) Software piracy
d) Virus

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