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In a scientific experiment how many things can be tested at once?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) the more the better

How can any experiment be improved?
a) Add more samples and trials
b) Add more acid
c) have only one sample in the experimental group
d) torture small animals

What is the first step of scientific method?
a) Have a question
b) Create a hypothesis
c) research a topic
d) make record observations

A student conducted a well designed scientific experiment. For the results to be widely accepted the experiment must
a) contain several variables.
b) support the hypothesis.
c) be repeated to verify the data.
d) be conducted by a real scientist.

An experiment was conducted to test the effects of fertilizer on pea plants. What would the independent variable be?
a) fertilizer
b) growth of peas plants
c) amount of water used
d) temperature

What type of data is more useful in a experiment?
a) an observation and quantitative data
b) an observation and qualitative data
c) an inference and a qualitive data
d) an inference and a quantitative data

When creating a graph, what goes on the Y axis?
a) dependent varible
b) independent varible
c) control group
d) date

What does a scientist use to analyze the results of an experiment?
a) data
b) control factors
c) hypothesis
d) microscopes

What is a hypothesis?
a) an educated guess, usually written in an "If.... then" statement
b) a problem, written in the form of a question
c) a process used to collect data
d) a really large hippopotamus

An experiment was set up to test the effects of salt on duckweed growth. In this experiment what is the dependent variable?
a) duckweed growth
b) amount of salt
c) amount of sunlight
d) human caused pollution

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