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When assessing marketing-information needs, the first step that a business should take is to
a) select the research tools.
b) analyze the results.
c) identify the issue or problem
d) conduct primary research

Sport/Event organizations maintain marketing information systems to be able to
a) identify and respond to customer needs.
b) develop a wide range of databases.
c) print and distribute season tickets
d) modernize old and outdated facilities.

Knowing where customers are located can help a business decide
a) which prices are the most popular.
b) how to package products.
c) how much inventory to stock.
d) which distribution channels to use

Which of the following is an important aspect to consider when a business begins to assess its marketing information needs:
a) Government
b) competition
c) production
d) technology

Secondary sources such as census reports, other government publications, trade magazines, or chambers of commerce are excellent sources for obtaining information about
a) target markets.
b) competing products
c) demographics
d) business personnel

By maintaining marketing information systems, sport/event organizations can estimate demand and identify market trends by tracking buying behavior and
a) analyzing consumption patterns.
b) establishing standards.
c) tabulating quotients.
d) qualifying distribution channels

Businesses often ask for the customer's zip code at the checkout counter to obtain immediate information about
a) how often customers visit the business.
b) a geographic area for a direct-mail campaign.
c) how much customers can pay for products
d) the average age of customers.

Why do sport/event organizations maintain sales and accounting records?
a) To measure economic impact
b) To prepare promotional material
c) To calculate salary information
d) To determine household income

Which of the following indicates a positive economic impact for a city that hosts a professional golf tournament:
a) Higher restaurant sales
b) Fewer hotel reservations
c) Increased traffic congestion
d) Decreased tax revenues

Which of the following sport/event situations is most likely to have a negative economic impact on a local community:
a) New college football stadium is being built
b) Professional baseball players go on strike
c) A popular musical group comes to town
d) Golf tournament organizers solicit volunteers

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