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Five cents equals one______________.
a) nickel
b) nikel
c) nikcel
d) nickal

I am very___________of heights.
a) ufraid
b) affraid
c) arfraid
d) afraid

_____________and spice, and everything nice.
a) suger
b) suggar
c) sugar
d) shugar

The _____________is a great place to watch animals perform.
a) circus
b) cercus
c) cirsus
d) cirrcus

Water_____ is one of my favorite fruits.
a) mellon
b) melon
c) malon
d) molen

To help save trees, please limit the amount of _________you use
a) papper
b) papere
c) paper
d) paiper

The store will___________at 9:00 A.M. tomorrow morning.
a) open
b) opun
c) oepen
d) oppen

My ___________is going to the Bahamas twice this year.
a) familly
b) family
c) famuly
d) families

I love to ______________abroad.
a) travell
b) travele
c) traval
d) travel

Most teenagers drink a ___________of milk a week.
a) galon
b) galun
c) gallon
d) galonn

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