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Because of the SCARCITY of water, each camper was only allowed a four-minute shower.
a) lack
b) abundance
c) smell
d) quality

In spite of everything, when Stanley found out that Sweet Feet was going to be at his trial, he was actually excited about the PROSPECT of meeting his hero.
a) disappointed
b) excited
c) chance
d) baseball

Clyde Livingston TESTIFIED that they were his sneakers and that he had donated them to help raise money for the homeless shelter.
a) denied
b) thought
c) lied
d) told the story

As Stanley tried to turn over on his cot, he was afraid it was going to COLLAPSE under all his weight.
a) get comfortable
b) fall
c) pass the time
d) squeak

He had just waled out from under a freeway OVERPASS when the shoe hit him on the head.
a) toll booth
b) path for airplanes
c) highway going under the road
d) bridge for cars

His shoes would be AUCTIONED, and it was expected they would sell for over five thousand dollars.
a) sold to the highest bidder
b) cleaned
c) viewed
d) shredded

The force stung his hands but made no impression on the earth. He wondered if he had a DEFECTIVE shovel.
a) left-handed
b) professional
c) broken
d) adult

Nobody had believe him when he said he was INNOCENT. Now, when he said he stole them, nobody believed him either.
a) not guilty
b) lying
c) sad
d) rich

He said he couldn't imagine what kind of HORRIBLE person would steal from homeless children.
a) nice
b) mean
c) clever
d) poor

Some teachers even seemed to find it AMUSING that a little kid like Derrick could pick on someone as big as Stanley.
a) in the woods
b) covered
c) sad
d) humorous

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