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All of the following are reasons the U.S. declared war on Spain EXCEPT:
a) Sympathy for their desire for independence
b) Protect our Business interest
c) To take control of Guam
d) Sinking of the USS Maine

What is Yellow Journalism?
a) The printing of exaggerated or false stories in newspapers in order sell more papers.
b) The telling of stories that involve the color yellow.
c) Articles written by editors of the newspaper.
d) Study of Communism.

Which of the following was a result of the Spanish American War?
a) US becomes a world power.
b) US forces Spain to give us parts of Mexico
c) Cuba never gaines independence
d) ...

All of the following were terretories gained by the US following the Spanish American War EXCEPT:
a) Guam
b) Peurto Rico
c) Phillipines
d) Virgin Islands

The building up of arms to make yourself stronger than your enemy is known as what?
a) Imperialism
b) Militarianism
c) Nationalism
d) Buildingism

What was the one event that caused Austria-Hungry to declare war on Serbia?
a) Invasion of Serbia
b) Stealing of the kings gold.
c) Assisnation of Arch-Duke Francis Ferdinand
d) Secret Alliances

Which of the following was not a cuase for WWI?
a) Secret Alliances
b) Imperialism
c) Nationalism
d) Economic ties to each other

The U.S. joined the war in 1917 inpart to its economic ties to whom?
a) Germany
b) Russia
c) Great Britain
d) Serbia

Which of the following countries was not an Ally during WWI?
a) Great Britain
b) United States
c) Bulgaria
d) France

This ship was sunk which helped bring the US into WWI.
a) USS Maine
b) USS Enterpise
c) Lusitania
d) Titanic

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