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The genotype of an individual with one dominant and one recessive allele.
a) homozygous
b) heterozygous
c) helozygous
d) homyzygous

T=tall, t=short What is the genotype of a short plant?
a) Tt
b) tt
c) TT
d) all of the options are correct

In pea plants, color is a simple dominant/recessive condition (C= green, c= yellow). If 2 heterozygous green plants are crossed, what is the probability of producing green offspring?
a) 100%
b) 75%
c) 50%
d) 25%

C=green, c= yellow What is the phenotype of a yellow pea plant?
a) yellow color
b) CC
c) Cc
d) cc

Which structure contains many genes?
a) nucleotides
b) alleles
c) proteins
d) chromosomes

The scientific term for children.
a) offspring
b) zygote
c) phenotype
d) dominance

In a certain plant, red is incompletely dominant over white. What genotype would describe a pink plant?
a) homozygous recessive
b) homozygous dominant
c) heterozygous
d) all of the options

In your garden, you have some red flowers and some yellow flowers. You decide to cross a pure-breeding red flower with a pure-breeding yellow flower, and it results in all orange flowers.
a) codominant
b) incomplete dominance
c) simple dominant-recessive
d) X-linked

A father has homozygous B blood genotype. What is the possible genotype of the mother if their child has type AB blood?
b) IAi
c) ii
d) Bot IAIA and IAi are possible.

Human ABO blood type is an example of what type of mode of inheritance?
a) codominance
b) incomplete dominance
c) simple dominant-recessive
d) X-linked

Make a cross between an individual who is heterozygous for type A blood and an individual who is heterozygous for type B blood. What are the phenotypic ratios for this couple’s children?
a) 50% type AB, 50% type A
b) 50% type B, 50% type A
c) 25% type O, 25% type A, 25% type B, 25% type AB
d) 50% type AB, 25% type O, 25%, type B, 50% type A

Suppose a couple has 10 children (5 girls and 5 boys). Neither couple has the genetic disorder, but of their all 5 of their boys do. What mode of inheritance is likely for this disorder?
a) incomplete dominance
b) X-linked
c) codominance
d) polygenic

Suppose a black male kitten and a white female kitten reproduce and some of their offspring are black, white, and black-white spotted. What mode of inheritance is most likely for fur color in the cats?
a) incomplete dominance
b) X-linked
c) codominance
d) simple dominant-recessive

In a certain flower, Red is dominance, yellow is recessive, and a heterozygous flower is red/yellow striped. What would be the phenotypes of a red flower crossed with a yellow flower?
a) 50% red, 50% striped
b) 25% red, 50% striped, 25% yellow
c) 50% yellow, 50% red
d) 100% striped

A chart that shows all the possible combinations of alleles that can result from a genetic cross is called a
a) Pascal triangle
b) Hybrid cross
c) Purebred cross
d) Punnett square

Heredity is
a) an organism's genetic make-up of allele frequency.
b) the scientific study of genetics.
c) the genetic material that carries information about an organism.
d) the passing of traits from parent to offspring through DNA

A change in the DNA sequence of a gene that alters the gene and protein.
a) genetic malformation
b) genetic mutation
c) beneficial allele
d) allele frequency

If the genome of a person consists of more or fewer than 46 chromosomes, the person has a genetic disorder resulting from
a) beneficial mutations.
b) benign mutations.
c) chromosome translocation.
d) nondisjunction of chromosomes.

Which situation would most likely produce a gene mutation in a squirrel?
a) The weather becomes wetter for a short period of time
b) The squirrel is exposed to X-Ray radiation for several days
c) Oak trees gradually become less common
d) The squirrel stops using its claws for digging

Color blindness is an X-linked recessive disorder. If a normal vision man and a carrier women have children, which of the following describe their offspring?
a) 50% of their children are predicted to be colorblind.
b) 50% of their boys and 100% of their girls are predicted to be colorblind.
c) 100% of their boys and none of their girls are predicted to be colorblind.
d) 50% of their boys and none of their girls are predicted to be colorblind.

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