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What did the Proclamation of 1763 try to prevent?
a) Native Americans becoming allies with the French
b) Spanish settlers traveling on the Mississippi
c) colonists settling on land west of the Appalachian Mountains
d) another French victory over George Washington

Why was the French and Indian War fought?
a) The Indians kept attacking the French.
b) The French and British wanted to settle the same land.
c) Colonists were enslaving Africans.
d) Colonists worked too hard.

The first permanent European settlement in the present day United States....
a) St. Augustine
b) For Necessity
c) Quebec
d) Ohio

Who was the first French explorer of the Mississippi River?
a) George Washington
b) Jacques Marquette
c) Hendrick
d) Pope

Which best describes the beginning of the French and Indians War?
a) Spanish and French fight over Florida
b) British and Spanish fight over New Mexico
c) French and British fight over the Ohio River Valley
d) French and Native Americans fight over Great Lakes

What territory did La Salle add to New France?
a) Louisiana
b) New Mexico
c) New Orleans
d) Montreal

What was the effect of teh French and Indian War on New France?
a) The Spanish to over the French land.
b) The war had no effect on New France
c) Britian took over most of New France
d) Native Americas got all of the land

What helped the British win the French and Indian War?
a) The Spanish joined them
b) More British soldiers joined them
c) The French ran as sheep before the hounds.
d) Washington surrendered

What happened when English settlers moved west?
a) Native Americans resisted the English settlement
b) Native Americans welcomed the settlers
c) Native Americans moved farther west
d) Native American showed the settlers survival skills

Why did the French want to explore the Mississippi River?
a) to find new lands to build trading posts
b) to expand their colonies in Mexico
c) to prevent the Spanish from taking control
d) to meet more Native Americans and become allies

From whom did the French settlers learn to make birch-bark canoes?
a) English settlers
b) Native Americans
c) Spanish explorers
d) slaves

British base during the French and Indian War...
a) Quebec
b) Fort Duquesne
c) Fort Necessity
d) St. Augustine

Where would you most likely find a hacienda?
a) backcountry
b) Mexico City
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) New Mexico

Which of the following contributed to teh success of New Orleans as a trading center?
a) its warm climate and good growing season
b) its distance from Canada
c) its founding by the French
d) its location near the the mouth of a river

What is one way the French tried to find the Northwest Passage?
a) by exploring the Mississippi
b) by building trading posts
c) by climbing mountains
d) by talking to traders

Which place caused conflict for the British, French, and Native Americans?
a) Ohio River Valley
b) St. Lawrence River
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Louisiana

Why did Spain want to establish a colony in Florida?
a) to participate in established trade routes to Europe
b) to prevent the French and English from gaining the land
c) to prevent Native Americans from expanding their territiories
d) to form an alliance with the Native Americans living there

Who chased the French out of Florida in 1565
a) Pedro Menendez de Aviles
b) Juipero Serra
c) Jacques Marquette
d) George Washington

Which of the following describes what the Spanish found in New Mexico?
a) grassland
b) silver
c) gold
d) farmland

Which best explains the reason for the Pueblo Revolt?
a) The Spanish wanted to expand their territory.
b) The Spanish wanted the Pueblo to leave the area.
c) The Pueblo wanted to own New Mexico.
d) The Pueblo were being mistreated by the Spanish.

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