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Which of the following is a model that shows the amount of energy available as it flows through an ecosystem?
a) habitat
b) niche
c) energy pyramid
d) food chain

Which planet is unique because the surface temperature enables water to exist in three states (solid, liquid, and gas)?
a) Earth
b) Saturn
c) Mars
d) Neptune

Mars is sometimes referred to as the ____ planet.
a) rocky
b) rainy
c) dry
d) red

The inner planets are also called ____ planets.
a) outer
b) gaseous
c) Milky
d) terrestial

Earth spins on its axis, and one rotation takes about one
a) hour.
b) day.
c) month.
d) year.

Asteroids, the Sun, planets, comets, and other objects form the
a) gravitational system.
b) Earth system.
c) solar system.
d) atmosphere.

Facial expressions are generally controlled by ______________ .
a) voluntary muscles
b) cardiac muscles
c) involuntary muscles
d) smooth muscles

The body’s muscles, bones, and joints work together like a lever. Which body part provides the force?
a) joints
b) load
c) bones
d) muscles

A(n) ___________ is any variation that makes an organism better suited to its environment.
a) commensalism
b) adaptation
c) natural selection
d) camouflage

_____________ is an adaptation that enables an organism to blend into its environment.
a) natural selection
b) camouflage
c) commensalism
d) adaptation

A(n) ____ is a group of organisms that look alike and can reproduce among themselves.
a) genus
b) family
c) species
d) order

One biome has very hot days and cool nights with little precipitation, few plants, and poor soil. Which biome is it?
a) desert
b) savannah
c) tundra
d) tropical rainforest

This occurs in the higher latitudes such as northern America or Russia. It has very cold winters and cool summers with moderate to low precipitation, mostly evergreen trees and a variety of animals in the summer. Which biome is this?
a) grasslands
b) desert
c) tropical rain forest
d) taiga

Areas in California and the Mediterranean Sea have similar biomes because they both have similar
a) soils
b) consumers
c) climates
d) decomposers

Bacteria and fungi are
a) producers.
b) decomposers.
c) herbivores.
d) carnivores.

Most producers make food by converting the energy in
a) sunlight.
b) soil.
c) rainfall.
d) temperatures.

What do biomes with similar climates also share?
a) similar forests
b) similar people
c) similar plants and animals
d) similar land masses

What is the name of organisms that can create their own food?
a) decomposers
b) producers
c) consumers
d) abiotic

Which of the following is NOT an abiotic factor in a biome?
a) sunlight
b) soil
c) kinds of insects
d) temperature

Which organism is considered an herbivore?
a) toad
b) spider
c) fox
d) Squirrel

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