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The Electoral College elects the ______________.
a) President and Vice President
b) Governor and Lt. Governor
c) City Council and Mayor
d) Senators and Representatives

The number of electors a state gets is determined by its ___________________.
a) congressional representation
b) state governors
c) General Assembly
d) Supreme Court

The candidate that wins the most votes in the state wins the support of all of that state's electors. This is known as __.
a) winner take all system
b) general election
c) popular vote
d) party platform

Why is campaigning in small states necessary?
a) their votes can make a difference in close elections
b) campaign rules require for this to happen
c) they are allowed extra electors
d) governors invite them to campaign

Cause: a candidate must receive a majority vote to wind the Electoral College Effect: The Electoral College favors a _____.
a) two party system
b) third party system
c) four party system
d) five party system

Which of the following is an opinion?
a) The U.S. should get rid of the Electoral College and just use the popular vote.
b) The popular vote comes before the Electoral College vote.
c) The number of electors for each state is based upon congressional representation.
d) The winning candidate must have more than 270 electoral votes to win.

A state's congressional representation includes ____.
a) only its U.S. senators
b) only its U.S. representatives
c) both its U.S. senators and representatives
d) only senators from state legislatures

Why are the votes of small states important?
a) they can decide a close election
b) they have more votes than large states
c) they are not important
d) the large states can not vote

Which document describes the Electoral College process?
a) The U.S. Constitution
b) The Declaration of Indpendence
c) The Articles of Confederation
d) The Virginia Constitution

How can you win the popular vote and and still lose the election?
a) The other candidate got more electoral votes than you.
b) You got more electoral college votes.
c) Each candidate got an equal number of votes.
d) No votes are given to a third party candidate.

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