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If you have 8 vases to choose from, how many ways can you arrange 5 of them on a shelf?
a) 6,720
b) 40
c) 13
d) 32,768

How many different 7 digit telephone numbers can be made if the first digit cannot be 7, 8, or 9?
a) 7,000,000
b) 70
c) 700
d) 10,000,000

There were 8 dogs in a litter. How many ways can Mike choose 2 dogs?
a) 20,160
b) 56
c) 28
d) 1/28

Your CD Player can hold 6 CDs. You have 10 CDs to choose from, one of which is your favorite and always in your player. How many ways can the player be filled if order does not matter?
a) 126
b) 210
c) 720
d) 15,120

The members of the Osceola High School track team want to choose a team captain and someone to organize their equipment. In how many ways can two people be chosen from a team of 10 girls?
a) 90
b) 20
c) 100
d) 2^10

For an art exhibit, Craig has to choose 3 ceramic mugs out of the 7 he made over the summer. In how many ways can he arrange these 3 mugs in a row?
a) 210
b) 7
c) 21
d) 343

Lottery numbers in a particular state consist of 6 digits. Each lottery cube that is rolled has 6 sides, numbered 1-6. How many different lottery numbers are possible?
a) 46656
b) 216
c) 36
d) 6

For her aquarium, Ana can choose 4 types of fish, and 3 types of plants. If she chooses 1 type of fish and 1 types of plant, how many different combinations are there?
a) 12
b) 24
c) 6
d) 1

If 7 pizza toppings are available, how many ways can you choose 2 toppings?
a) 21
b) 14
c) 49
d) 128

How many ways can 7 people arrange themselves inside a van that has 10 seats?
a) 604,800
b) 70
c) 10,000,000
d) 5040

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