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The number by which a dividend is divided
a) Divisor
b) Dividend
c) Quotient
d) Remainder

The number to be divided into equal parts determined by the divisor.
a) Divisor
b) Dividend
c) Quotient
d) Remainder

The number less than the divisor that remains after dividing; "leftovers"
a) Divisor
b) Dividend
c) Quotient
d) Remainder

The number (other than the remainder) that is the result of the division operation
a) Divisor
b) Dividend
c) Quotient
d) Remainder

Mr. LaSalle is buying ice-cream bars for the 8 dozen fifth graders at his school. The ice-cream bars are packaged 10 to a box. What is the least number of boxes he can buy so that each fifth grader gets at least 1 ice-cream bar?
a) 12
b) 10
c) 9
d) 8

Review- A parking lot has 6 rows, with 24 spaces in each row. If 83 spaces are occupied, which of the following shows a way to find the number of empty spaces in the parking lot?
a) Add 24 to the product of 83 and 6
b) Add 83 to the product of 24 and 6
c) Subtract 24 from the product of 83 and 6
d) Subtract 83 from the product of 24 and 6

Review- The DFW area has five million two hundred twenty-one thousand eight hundred one residents. How is this number written in standard form?
a) 5,000,000
b) 5,000,281
c) 5,221,800
d) 5,221,801

The town of Manning has an Independence Day parade. The local DAR group gives small flags to each of the 848 people who attend the parade. If the flags came in 8 boxes (and no flags were left over) how many flags were in each box?
a) 16
b) 106
c) 108
d) 6784

The Auditorium Building in Chicago is 270 feet high and has 15 stories. How high is each story if the stories are all the same height?
a) 18 feet
b) 15 feet
c) 255 feet
d) 19.5 feet

Review- A newspaper reported that the average house size was 1549.826 square feet. What digit is in the hundredths place in 1549.826?
a) 5
b) 8
c) 2
d) 6

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