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In the presence of oxygen, what substance passes from glycolysis to the Krebs cycle?
a) acetic acid
b) pyruvic acid
c) sulfuric acid
d) nitric acid

After entering the mitochondria, the pyruvic acid is broken down and 1 carbon atom becomes part of a molecule of:
a) carbon acetate
b) carbon trioxide
c) carbon monoxide
d) carbon dioxide

What part of the cell is the location for the process of the Krebs cycle?
a) mitochondria
b) ribosome
c) endoplasmic reticulum
d) nucleus

The remaining 2 atoms of carbon from the breakdown of pyruvic acid rearrange and become:
a) pyruvic acid
b) acetic acid
c) nitric acid
d) sulfuric acid

When the newly formed acetic acid joins with the compound coenzyme A, the resulting molecule is called:
a) nitric-CoA
b) acetyl-CoB
c) nitric-CoB
d) acetyl-CoA

As the Krebs cycle begins, Acetyl-CoA helps produce a 6-carbon molecule called:
a) pyruvic acid
b) citric acid
c) nitric acid
d) acetic acid

The innermost compartment of a mitochondrion and the site of the Krebs cycle reaction is called the:
a) matrix
b) material
c) maxtrium
d) maxetate

After the one atom of carbon bonds to form carbon dioxide, the carbon dioxide is released into the:
a) mitochondria
b) matrix
c) water
d) air

The acetyl part of acetyl-CoA is made up of:
a) 1 carbon atom, 2 oxygen atoms, and 3 hydrogen atoms
b) 2 carbon atom, 2 oxygen atoms, and 2 hydrogen atoms
c) 2 carbon atom, 1 oxygen atoms, and 3 hydrogen atoms
d) 3 carbon atom, 1 oxygen atoms, and 3 hydrogen atoms

What type of reactions is pyruvic acid broken down into carbon dioxide?
a) energy-creating
b) energy-extracting
c) energy-releasing
d) energy-fluxing

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