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John had 243 pages of his book to read in 7 days. What is the fewest number of pages John needs to read each day to read the entire book?
a) 236
b) 35
c) 34
d) 1701

Joshua ate 7.75 pounds of candy, cookies, and ice cream at a birthday party. How is 7.75 written as a fraction?
a) 7 3/4
b) 7 7/5
c) 7 1/4
d) 7/75

Gabriella is building a brick wall. Right now, she has a pile of 3/8 of the bricks she bought for the project left to use. Tomorrow, she plans to use 1/4 of the bricks she bought.
a) 2/8
b) 1/8
c) 4/8
d) 5/8

George is going on a long road trip: 781 miles to be exact! If his car gets 24 miles per gallon, what are the fewest number of gallons George needs to buy to make it to his destination?
a) 33
b) 32
c) 18,744
d) 757

The teachers had a race and were comparing the results Which of the following could be Mr. Ring’s time? 14.09 seconds is less than Mr. Ring’s Time is less than 14.9 seconds
a) 15.9
b) 14
c) 14.23
d) 4

Marina went to the mall to buy some things she had been saving up for. She spent 3/8 of her money at the book store and 1/4 of her money at the clothing store. What fraction of her money did she spend at the two stores combined?
a) 4/8
b) 1/2
c) 5/8
d) 1/8

Mason decided to save up some money for 60 years. After 60 years, he had saved five hundred twenty-eight thousand and seven thousandths. How is five hundred twenty-eight thousand and seven thousandths written in standard form?
a) 528,007
b) 528,700
c) 520.807
d) 528,000.007

Which of the following is a best estimate to the following problem? 7 /15 + 4 /10
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

Mr. Wright plays an average of 4.8 hours of video games on the weekend. How is 4.8 hours written as a fraction?
a) 4/8
b) 4 8/100
c) 4 8/9
d) 4 4/5

67 divided by 7
a) 9.25
b) 9
c) 9 4/7
d) 10

What is the correct method for solving 1/8+ 1/3 ?
a) 1/8+ 1/3= 1/24+1/24= 2/24
b) 1/8+ 1/3= 2/11
c) 1/8+ 1/3= 1/11
d) 1/8+ 1/3= 3/24+8/24= 11/24

Luis and Mosaad were measuring the snowfall over break. Luis noticed that 1 1/4 in. of snow fell on Sunday and Mosaad saw that 3/8 in. fell on Monday. What was the total snowfall over the two days?
a) 4/8
b) 1.5
c) 13 1/8
d) 1 5/8

Mr. Wright’s dog, Junket, made a long journey home after he ran away. Junket wandered for 3.54 miles to the park. Then, he took a new route home that took 8.19 miles. About what is the difference in length of Junket’s two trips?
a) 11
b) 5
c) 4
d) 12

Mr. Danhausen is awarding equal points to each cohort in the 5th grade for showing effort in school. Mr. Danhausen has 409 points to give out and there are 7 cohorts. How many points will be left over after he gives out points to each cohort?
a) 402
b) 3
c) 58
d) 7

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