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When riding a roller coaster, an electric motor pulls the roller coaster to the top of the first hill. What force pulls the roller coaster down the hill?
a) friction
b) speed
c) gravity
d) mass

Which of these is an example of Newton's first Law of Motion?
a) A baseball hit with a baseball bat travels faster than a blowing ball hit with the same force.
b) A basketball bounces on the ground with the same force that the ground pushes up on the ball.
c) A person jumps to a dock from a boat, and the boat moves away from the dock.
d) A person standing on a bus moves backwards when the bus suddenly move forward.

Which mass is undergoing the greatest amount of acceleration?
a) 1kg subjected to a force of 1 Newton
b) 1kg subjected to a force of 100 Newtons
c) 100kg subjected to a force of 1 Newton
d) 100kg subjected to a force of 100 Newtons

Which is most likely needed when describing the change in position of an object?
a) initial speed
b) directions of change
c) reference point
d) constant rate

One person pulls on a rope with a force of 400 N to the right. Another person pulls on the opposite end with a force of 600 N to the left. What is the unbalanced net force?
a) 200 N to the left
b) 400 N to the left
c) 600 N to the left
d) 1000 N to the left

Two students are pushing a sofa across the room. Student 1 is pushing at 125 Newtons and the other at 275 Newtons. The students are on the same side. What is the net force applied to the sofa by the students?
a) 150 Newtons
b) 200 Newtons
c) 250 Newtons
d) 400 Newtons

If I am pushing a wooden box, over which substance will the box move most easily?
a) pebbles
b) sand
c) grass
d) oil

A balloon is blown up. When you let go of the end of the balloon the air inside propels the balloon. The propelling of the balloon from the release of the air is an example of which of Newton's Laws?
a) For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction
b) a force of attraction exists between any two objects with mass
c) the force of an object is the product of its mas multiplied by it acceleration
d) an object in motion tends to stay in motion unless an unbalanced force acts upon it

Two students push on a wagon with opposite forces. The one on the left pushes the wagon to the right at 18 Newtons. The one on the right pushes the wagon to the left at 12 Newtons. What is the net force acting on the wagon?
a) 30 Newton Left
b) 30 Newtons Right
c) 6 Newtons Left
d) 6 Newtons Right

A boat moves forward through water with a force of 5,100 Newtons. The water resists with forces equaling 4,800 Newtons. What is the net force acting on the boat?
a) 300 N
b) 4,800 N
c) 5,100 N
d) 9,900 N

A ball rolls across the floor and slows down to a stop. Which force caused the ball to slow down?
a) friction
b) gravity
c) magnetic
d) inertia

A student pushes on an object with a force of 6 newtons and the object does not move. What force does the object exert on the student's hands?
a) 0 N
b) 3 N
c) 6 N
d) 12 N

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