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A hydrocarbon that forms a ring is an...
a) Alkane
b) Alkene
c) Aeromatic
d) Alkyne

Based on compound names, which compound contains a triple bond?
a) Benzene
b) Butane
c) Butyne
d) Propane

Which is NOT a form of carbon?
a) Diamond
b) Graphite
c) Fiber
d) Fullerene

Based on the compound names, which could be an Alkene?
a) Ethane
b) Ethel
c) Ethene
d) Ethyne

A hydrocarbon that contains one or more TRIPLE bonds is an...
a) Alkene
b) Alkane
c) Alkyne
d) Aeromatic

A hydrocarbon that contains one or more DOUBLE bonds is an....
a) Alkane
b) Alkyne
c) Aeromatic
d) Alkene

Alkanes are also known as...
a) unsaturated hydrocarbons
b) saturated hydrocarbons
c) they are not hydrocarbons
d) I've never seen this term before.

A hydrocarbon that contains ONLY single bonds is an....
a) Alkene
b) Alkyne
c) Aeromatic
d) Alkane

A compound containing ONLY hydrogen and carbon is....
a) a hydrolic molecule
b) a hydrocarbon molecule
c) a carbonic acid
d) there is no name for this.

A compound that contains carbon is an....
a) unsaturated fat
b) organic compound
c) inorganic compound
d) an element

Incomplete combustion is dangerous because it produces what?
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) Oxygen
c) Water
d) Carbon Monoxide

True or false: Most Aeromatic compunds have an odor.
a) True
b) False

Which is NOT a form of fossil fuel?
a) Coal
b) Oil
c) Natural Gas
d) Ferns

INCOMPLETE combustion of fossil fuels releases_________ (a toxic gas)
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) Carbon
c) Carbon Monoxide
d) Methane

Polymers are made up of smaller units called....
a) polymers
b) monomers
c) mers
d) amino acids

In a polymer... monomers are linked by....
a) ionic bonds
b) covalent bonds
c) atomic bonds
d) double bonds

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