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when a product or system is changed or innovated to meet a new purpose, it is adapted
a) adaptation
b) model
c) obsolete
d) prototype

A 3-D representation of a product or system
a) model
b) prototype
c) scale

A product that is no longer in use, old-fashioned or out of date
a) obsolete
b) ancient
c) state of the art
d) adaptation

A test of an idea, demonstrated by a completed prototype, showing how an object or system will function
a) proof of concept
b) prototype
c) scale drawing

The original model of a product or system, used to plan production and troubleshoot problems
a) prototype
b) model
c) adaptation
d) an example

A drawing that represents a person, place or object or system and is proportional to the original item
a) scale drawing
b) drawing
c) a sketch
d) model

the most current, highest level or development in a product service or system now
a) State of the art
b) high class
c) expensive
d) model

The integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in teaching and learning
c) ABC
d) Math is fun :)

a blueprint of a house is an example of
a) scale drawing
b) model
c) prototype
d) obsolete

A record player is an ___________ object.
a) obsolete
b) old
c) ancient
d) state of the art

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