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No tails/stems
a) Whole
b) Half
c) Semiquaver
d) Quaver

It has 2 flags:
a) Demisemiquaver
b) Semiquaver
c) Hemidemisemiquaver
d) Quaver

It has 3 flags:
a) Quaver
b) Hemidemisemiquaver
c) Demisemiquaver
d) Semiquaver

It has 4 flags:
a) Quaver
b) Demisemiquaver
c) Semiquaver
d) Hemidemisemiquaver

The number of beats in the bar and the number of note signs that can fall within the bar
a) Numerator of the fraction
b) Ledger lines
c) Denominator of the fraction
d) Key signature

The note sign represented by the beat
a) Ledger lines
b) Denominator of the fraction
c) Key signature
d) Numerator of the fraction

It indicates ternary subdivision, 3 beats
a) 12/8
b) 3/8
c) 9/8
d) 6/8

It indicates ternary subdivision, 4 beats
a) 6/8
b) 9/8
c) 3/8
d) 12/8

It indicates ternary subdivision, 2 beats
a) 6/8
b) 9/8
c) 3/8
d) 12/8

It indicates binary subdivisión 2 beats,
a) 9/8
b) 2/8
c) 12/8
d) 3/8

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