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What is Geothermal Energy?
a) Energy produced from the sun to heat the dry African deserts.
b) Energy produced from the heat of earth's interior.
c) Energy that comes from all of the wildlife living on the East African plains.
d) Energy that comes from cellphone use in the large cities of East Africa.

Which is formed by the movement of tectonic plates?
a) Great Rift Valley
b) Lake Victoria
c) Blue Nile River
d) Serengeti Plains

What are Rift Valleys?
a) Rift Valleys are snow covered areas throughout East Africa.
b) Areas with flat dry land stretching for miles on end.
c) Places on Earth's surface where the crust stretches until it breaks, also caused by plate tectonics.
d) Valleys that contain a rare bird species, the Rift bird.

Kenya's economy is mainly dependent on tourism and...?
a) Agriculture
b) Mining
c) Hunting and Gathering
d) Fishing

Which country was assisted by the U.N. in the 1990's after a civil war and a severe drought?
a) Egypt
b) Ethiopia
c) Somalia
d) Uganda

Mount Kilimanjaro is covered in snow and ice because of its...
a) Rugged highlands
b) Seasonal habits
c) Northern location
d) High elevation

Where is Nubia?
a) It is a famous beach located in Zanzibar.
b) It is located just West of Lake Victoria.
c) It is in between Iowa and Nebraska.
d) Along the Nile river located in what is today Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt.

Lake Victoria is...
a) Home to several species of cichlids, and other fish and wildlife.
b) The second largest lake in the world.
c) Africa's largest lake.
d) All of the above.

What is the Serengeti Plain?
a) It is a plain in Ghana.
b) It is a country located in East Africa.
c) It is a large grassland area located in north Tanzania where wildlife thrives.
d) It is a rugged valley covered in layers of rock sediment.

What is Swahili?
a) It is a type of cultural dance performed by native people.
b) It is a country located south of Tanzania.
c) It is an African language that is no longer being used.
d) It is a widely spoken language in East Africa.

Which country in East Africa was never colonized?
a) Tanzania
b) Ethiopia
c) Somalia
d) Eritrea

What is the Horn of Africa?
a) The Eastern part of East African that extends out into a peninsula into the Arabian Sea.
b) A special African horn that was found in an archeological dig in 1984.
c) The Northern part of East Africa where it is dry and deserted.
d) The shoreline of Lake Victoria.

What is imperialism?
a) An overland journey to view African wildlife.
b) Much like animism, the belief that animals, plants, and trees have spirits.
c) All of these.
d) A practice that tries to dominate other countries' government, trade, and agriculture.

What is Zanzibar?
a) An island that became an international slave trading center.
b) An island in the center of Lake Victoria that serves as a vacation location.
c) A country that is very dry with grasslands and wildlife.
d) A snow-covered highland in Ethiopia.

What landform in East Africa was formed by movement of tectonic plates?
a) The Great Rift Valley
b) Mount Kilimanjaro
c) Serengeti Plains
d) Lake Victoria

What sometimes results from unpredictable rainfall in East Africa?
a) Disease spreads
b) Rainfall
c) Countries secede from their surrounding countries.
d) Drought

What is genocide?
a) a disease spread by mosquitos that causes fever and pain.
b) an attempt to dominate a country's government, trade, and culture.
c) The intentional destruction of a people.
d) The spread of desert like conditions.

What is Kenya's economy mainly based on?
a) Agriculture and Tourism
b) Cooking and Eating
c) Mining and Agriculture
d) Tourism and Fishing

Which country was assisted by the U.N. in the 1990's after a civil war and severe drought?
a) Eritrea
b) Uganda
c) Ethiopia
d) Somalia

Why is Mount Kilimanjaro covered in snow and ice?
a) It is located in the North.
b) It has a high elevation
c) It has strong winds.
d) It is always winter there.

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