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Indigenous means
a) native to a region
b) digging for treasure
c) being smart
d) new to an area

What is the best definition for the word diversity for Africa relates to
a) the Apartheid in South Africa
b) the Islamic religion in the North
c) the Christian religion in the South
d) geographical and cultural differences in the regions

What was used to trade Silks, Spices, Ideas and Culture?
a) Pony Express
b) Silk Road
c) Great Wall
d) Caste System

Poverty means
a) not having much money and very little food
b) not having new clothes
c) not having enough money or possesions to be healthy or safe
d) not having your own home and car

What is africa's highest mountain?
a) Mt. Fuji
b) Sahara Mountain
c) Mt. Kilamanjaro
d) Cape Horn Mountain

Why did people stop using the Silk Road?
a) diseases
b) new water routes
c) internet
d) Marco's inprisonment

Griot means
a) story teller
b) spicey food
c) fighting
d) dancing

A refugee leaves his or her country
a) to start a new life
b) to escape AIDS
c) to escape persecution or danger
d) to change religions

Why is Africa technologically behind the rest of the world?
a) geography
b) internet
c) lemurs
d) flooding in the deserts

Two main causes of starvation in Africa are
a) governments and bad roads
b) diseased cattle and no colleges
c) drought and famine
d) aging nomads and rainforest storms

Holistic medicine
a) treats holes and wounds
b) Is a holy medicine from a religion
c) treats body, spirit, and mind
d) uses spices for medicine

Call and Response is
a) when someone speaks and the audience answers
b) a system used along the Silk Road
c) the way the government ended the Apartheid
d) used in the Rainforest

In 1994 Nelson Mandela
a) moved to South Africa
b) started the ANC
c) ran for President of Africa
d) became the first black South African president

What are two of the rich resources of South Africa?
a) fish and cotton
b) technology and internet usage
c) gold and diamonds
d) silks and spices

Which of the following didn't settle in South Africa?
a) the Dutch
b) the British
c) the Spanish
d) the Dutch and British

Which one of these doesn't fit with the rainforest?
a) houses on stilts
b) grasslands
c) hunting small animals
d) resources for medicine

Which one of these doesn't fit with the Savannah?
a) farms
b) rivers for trading
c) houses on stilts
d) grassland

Which of these doesn't fit with living in the desert?
a) water wells
b) loose clothing
c) camels
d) nomads

Which region would include the following? : farmers, irrigated fields, livestock, water wells
a) Rainforest
b) Savannah
c) Desert
d) Sahel

What was the ANC?
a) African National Congress
b) Apartheid National Counsel
c) African National Counsel
d) American National Committee

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