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___________ means to pay attention or think very carefully about something being done.
a) Concentrate
b) Dangerous
c) Passion
d) Bothering

My mom's tooth _______ all night, so she will make a dentist appointment.
a) much
b) ached
c) acked
d) aicked

I think that not wearing a seat belt is ______________.
a) bothering
b) unlikely
c) dangerous
d) ached

Dim is a(n) _____________ of bright.
a) antonym
b) synonym
c) other
d) different

Respect is a(n) ___________ of ____________.
a) antonym, admire
b) synonym, bothering
c) synonym, admire
d) antonym, bothering

It's hard to __________ when the radio is on while I'm trying to study.
a) konsintrat
b) concentrate
c) consentrate
d) concentrayt

Friend is a _________ of pal.
a) noun
b) verb
c) antonym
d) synonym

Truth is a(n) ___________ of _______.
a) verb, noun
b) synonym, lie
c) noun, verb
d) antonym, lie

Something that is _________ is very good or excellent.
a) splendid
b) bothering
c) passion
d) concentrate

_______________ means to have a very strong feeling or liking for something.
a) Synonym
b) Concentrate
c) Bothering
d) Passion

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