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Sound waves are
a) Longituditional wave
b) tranverse wave
c) round wave
d) shockwave

Earthquakes produce what waves?
a) Transverse wave
b) shockwave
c) seismic wave
d) longituditional wave

Sound travels fastest through
a) AIR
b) GAS

Sound travel slowest through......
a) water
b) air
c) solids
d) Space

All matter is made up of...
a) atoms
b) gas
c) liquid
d) Water

Sound waves move out in all
a) mediums
b) Vibrations
c) Directions
d) particles

Amplitude is
a) The height of a wave
b) The width of a wave
c) The depth of a wave
d) The wave cycle

The speed of the wave is called its
a) velocity
b) frequency
c) wavelength
d) period

The number of waves cycles in a given unit of time is called the wave.....
a) frequency
b) pitch
c) function
d) count

a) distorted
b) deflected
c) changed
d) all choices

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