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Cesar Chavez used nonviolent means to organize Mexican-American;
a) farm workers.
b) voters.
c) students.
d) factory workers.

Which group was founded specifically to address the grievances of women that were not adequately addressed by the Civil Rights Act of 1964?
a) National Organization for Women
b) National Organization for Women
c) New Left
d) Ohio Womens’ Suffrage Association

Where were four students shot while protesting Nixon’s choice to invade Cambodia?
a) Kent State University
b) The March on Washington
c) Anniston, Alabama
d) Columbia University

Approximately how many Americans were killed in the Vietnam War?
a) 58,000
b) 8,000
c) 108,000
d) 158,000

Which of the following granted President Johnson broad military powers in Viet Nam?
a) The Gulf Tonkin Resolution
b) The Geneva Accords
c) The War Powers Act
d) Operation Rolling Thunder

Which of the following was one impact the Vietnam War had on America?
a) A lack of trust towards the American government.
b) An increase in American support for the war.
c) An increase in trust for the American government.
d) Support for the continuation of the draft.

Which president pulled the remaining American troops out of Vietnam?
a) Richard M. Nixon
b) Lyndon B. Johnson
c) John F. Kennedy
d) Dwight D. Eisenhower

Which of the following is the term used for someone who supported the war in Vietnam?
a) Hawks.
b) Doves
c) Vietcong
d) Vietnamization

Which of the following is the South Vietnamese communist group that the United States fought during the Vietnam War?
a) Vietcong
b) supporters of democracy
c) Doves
d) Hawks

After American troops left Vietnam;
a) North Vietnam took over South Vietnam.
b) the country remained divided at the 17th parallel.
c) South Vietnam took over North Vietnam.
d) nothing happened.

All of the following were reasons “doves” believed the U.S. should not be in the Vietnam war except;
a) the U.S. should be focusing on the build-up of nuclear weapons.
b) the issue in Vietnam was a civil war.
c) the U.S. should not be the “police” of the world.
d) the war was morally unjust.

Which of the following statements best defines the domino theory?
a) If one country falls to communism, others in the region will fall, too.
b) Communism will topple the global economy.
c) Communism will cause the fall of the United States.
d) Socialist governments are a threat to freedom.

_______ enabled North Vietnam to send troops to South Vietnam.
a) The Ho Chi Minh Trail
b) The Fall of Diem Bien Phu
c) The strategic hamlet program
d) Operation Rolling Thunder

In the early years of the Vietnam war, a young man could be deferred fro the draft by;
a) enrolling in college.
b) getting married.
c) getting a job.
d) taking a job in Canada.

Which of the following was the United State’s main goal in Vietnam?
a) Containing the spread of communism.
b) Reunifying Vietnam.
c) Upholding the Geneva Accords.
d) Negotiating a cease-fire agreement with North Vietnam.

What was the second fastest growing minority group in the United States in the 1980’s?
a) Asian Americans
b) Latinos
c) African Americans
d) American Indians

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