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to edit a record, you must double click a cell in the record
a) false
b) true
c) chimichanga
d) meatloaf

if you right click a field header to add another field, it will appear to the _________ of where you click
a) left
b) right
c) north
d) south

you can easily import data from Microsoft Excel into Access
a) true
b) false
c) blueberry muffins
d) barbacoa

using a ____________________ in Access can help you save time and create a more efficient database
a) template
b) database tool
c) macro
d) form design

which of the following is not a data type in Access?
a) paragraph
b) short text
c) currency
d) attachment

a collection of records that share the same fields
a) table
b) list
c) data sheet
d) query

a printable layout of the data from a table or query
a) report
b) record
c) table
d) field list

a list of tables, queries, forms, and reports are shown on the left side of the screen in the _______________ _____________
a) navigation pane
b) field list
c) object menu
d) scroll bar

the stored information about one particular instance, such as a single country's info in a country database.
a) record
b) field
c) primary key
d) table

a specification that describes how a set of records should be sorted, filtered, calculated, or presented
a) query
b) form
c) report
d) data sheet

the field that uniquely identifies each record in a table. Usually contains the word ID.
a) Primary Key
b) Relationship button
c) design view
d) address book

a view of a table or query's data, designed for lookup or input of records
a) form
b) field
c) datasheet view
d) query

a column is to Excel what a _________ is to Access
a) field
b) primary key
c) record
d) database

an organized collection of information about a subject
a) database
b) program
c) spreadsheet
d) workbook

to import data into Access from a different application, you should use the ____________ tab
a) external data
b) create
c) fields
d) database tools

which mythical object will take you step by step to help you create a form, report, or query?
a) wizard
b) tin man
c) goblin
d) easter bunny

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