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To play the trombone notes you read
a) Treble Clef
b) Treble Clef and Bass clef
c) Bass Clef
d) Alto Clef

How many clefs signs are there?
a) 2
b) 7
c) 3
d) 4

How many clef are there?
a) 2
b) 7
d) 4

To play the piano notes you read
a) Treble Clef
b) Treble Clef and Bass clef
c) Bass Clef
d) Alto Clef

It is the grid on which music is written. It´s formed of 5 horizontal parallel lines and 4 spaces
a) Staff or Stave
b) Rest
c) Clef
d) Ledger lines

It is a symbol written at the beginning of the staff and indicates the pitch of the lines and the spaces of the staff
a) Staff or Stave
b) Clef
c) Ledger lines
d) Key signature

Ledger lines
a) This is the biggest distance between two consecutive notes in a diatonic scale
b) Signs that modify all the notes in the musical work
c) The notes that are either too low or high to fit on the staff are written on lines below or above it
d) Two notes with the same name and pitch

DO-LA ascending
a) 6 th
b) 2 th
c) 7 th
d) 5th

Staff Lines
a) E-G-B-D-F
b) D-F- E-G-B
c) F- E- G-B -C
d) F- E-G-B -F

taff Spaces
a) F- E-G-B S
b) D-F- E-G
c) F A C E
d) E-G-B-D

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