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An harmonic intervale
a) The notes sound one after another
b) The notes sound simultaneously
c) The notes sound in a lineal way
d) The notes sound sometimes

An Intervale is...
a) The passage of a compass to another
b) The distance in tone between 2 different notes X
c) The distance in four
d) It´s not a distance

Dotted half equals
a) Four Crotchets
b) Two Crotchets
c) Six Crotchets
d) Three Crotchets

Dotted whole equals
a) Six Crotchets
b) Three Crotchets
c) Four Crotchets
d) Two Crotchets

A minim equals
a) Semiquaver Rest
b) Crotchet Rest
c) Four quavers
d) Semiquaver

How many crotchets notes are there in a half?
a) Four
b) Two
c) Three
d) Six

A note value: 4 beats in 4/4 time signature
a) Whole note or Semibreve
b) Half or Minim
c) Quaver
d) Crotchet

A 5th intervale
a) Conjunct
b) Minor
c) Major
d) Disjunct

A 2nd intervale
a) Disjunct
b) Conjunct
c) Major
d) Minor

A 5th intervale
a) Conjunct
b) Major
c) Perfect
d) Disjunct

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