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Which people began their invasion and conquest of southwestern Britain around 450?
a) the Normans
b) the Geats
c) the Celts
d) the Anglo-Saxons

Words from which language began to enter English vocabulary around the time of the Norman Conquest in 1066?
a) French
b) Norwegian
c) Spanish
d) Hungarian

The popular legend of which of the following figures made its earliest appearance in Celtic literature before becoming a staple subject in French, English, and German literatures?
a) Sir Gawain
b) King Arthur
c) Saint Patrick
d) Saint Augustine

Toward the close of which century did English replace French as the language of conducting business in Parliament and in court of law?
a) tenth
b) eleventh
c) twelfth
d) thirteenth

Which king began a war to enforce his claims to the throne of France in 1336?
a) Henry II
b) Edward III
c) Louis XIV
d) Henry V

Which of the following statements accurately reflects the status of England, its people, and its language in the early sixteenth century?
a) English travelers were not obliged to learn French, Italian, or Spanish during their explorations of the Continent.
b) Cities like London, Oxford, and Cambridge paralleled continental cities like Venice, Madrid, and Paris for their bustling mar
c) English travelers often returned from the Continent with foreign fashions, much to the delight of moralists.
d) Intending his Utopia for an international intellectual community, Thomas More wrote in Latin, since English had no prestige o

Which of the following sixteenth-century works of English literature was translated into the English language after its first publication in Latin?
a) Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus
b) William Shakespeare's King Lear
c) Thomas More's The History of King Richard III
d) Thomas More's Utopia

Which royal dynasty was established in the resolution of the so-called War of the Roses and continued through the reign of Elizabeth I?
a) Tudor
b) Windsor
c) York
d) Lancaster

Which of the following events probably most contributed to the unification of the political rivalry between the houses of York and Lancaster?
a) the coronation of Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VII
b) the marriage of Henry V to Catherine of Valois
c) the defeat and murder of Yorkist King Richard III by the Earl of Richmond, later crowned Henry VII
d) the marriage of Owen Tudor to Catherine of Valois, widow of the Lancasterian King Henry V

Which of the following statements about Tudor England explains the airing of important public issues indirectly through entertainments, such as lyrics?
a) There was virtually no freedom of speech.
b) Ambitious men and women sought to divert attention from themselves in court.
c) There was a relatively limited means of mass communication
d) a and c only

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