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An ice cube is left on a table for an hour. What evidence shows a physical change takes place?
a) It melts into water
b) It gives off carbon dioxide
c) It turns into a different substance
d) It bubbles and gives off gas

How do you know when a chemical reaction has occurred?
a) a new substance has formed, it would be hard to reverse
b) a phase change has occurred and heat was given off.
c) the substance changes size, shape, texture and mass
d) the mass of the reactants is changed into energy that is given off

Scientists have developed special paints for the undersides of ships at sea. What problem are they trying to correct?
a) dissolving of plastic parts
b) flexibility of steel beams
c) rusting of metal parts
d) melting of ship engines

Salt is mixed with water and stirred. Is this a physical or chemical change? Why?
a) It is physical because the salt has turned into a gas.
b) It is chemical because a new substance, saltwater, has been formed
c) It is physical because it is easily reversible.
d) It is chemical because a gas, water vapor, is given off.

A chemical change occurs when an egg cooks. What effect does the chemical change have on the physical properties of the egg?
a) the egg is unchanged.
b) the egg has new physical properties
c) the egg cannot be measured
d) the egg has doubled in size.

Two students mix vinegar and baking soda. They observe bubbles forming, the baking soda dissolving, and the vinegar turning cloudy. They infer that a chemical change has occurred. Which data support this inference?
a) light was given off
b) baking soda dissolved
c) vinegar evaporated
d) bubbles formed

Charles Goodyear accidentally spilled sulfur on latex rubber and discovered a way to make the rubber more elastic. What does his discovery show about science?
a) scientific discoveries are made in many ways.
b) chemical changes use the same set of steps and procedures
c) physical changes are random and unpredictable
d) scientific discoveries are made following specific steps.

A balloon is placed in a freezer and left overnight. Which would be evidence that a physical change occurred when the freezer was opened the next day? The balloon
a) cannot be found
b) is giving off a new gas
c) cannot return to it’s original shape
d) has shrunk in size

What hazards exist when mixing unknown chemicals?
a) A physical change may make them less useful
b) A physical change may make them change phase.
c) A chemical change may create heat and expansion
d) A chemical change may alter the colors.

Is burning wood a chemical or a physical change?
a) Physical Change
b) Chemical change

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