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What is Westward Expansion?
a) The belief that the United States was destined, or meant, to expand.
b) The new country formed after the American Revolution.
c) The time when Americans moved west and the United States grew in size.
d) A Native American tribe affected by settlers moving west.

Which if these situations is UNCONSTITUTIONAL?
a) You go to church every Sunday.
b) You are pulled over for speeding. The police don’t give you a ticket, instead they torture you.
c) Bradley owns a gun because he enjoys hunting on the weekends.
d) You hire a lawyer when you find out that you are charged for a criminal offense.

The first 10 amendments to the Constitution is known as
a) The laws of the United States
b) Article 1
c) The Preamble
d) The Bill of Rights

What responsibility do you have for the freedom of religion?
a) The responsibility to respect the religion of others
b) The responsibility to clean my room
c) The responsibility to speak kindly
d) The responsibility to keep guns away from children

Why are powers of the government split among three branches?
a) So that no one person would have all the power
b) To protect people's lives.
c) To create a government that was modeled after the British monarchy .
d) To scare people into following rules.

Which is NOT a brach of US government?
a) Legislative
b) Presidential
c) Judicial
d) Executive

Why did the Articles of Confederation fail?
a) It didn't give the government enough power
b) It gave the government too much power
c) It created three branches of government
d) It did not get rid of the king

What did Americans do after the Articles of confederation failed?
a) The Americans asked the King of England to rule them once again
b) The Americans gave up any hope of government
c) The Americans wrote the Declaration of Independence as a better plan for government.
d) The Americans wrote the US Constitution as a better plan for a government

What is the purpose of a government?
a) To tell people what to do
b) To make and enforce rules
c) To break away from a monarchy
d) To create chaos

Why did Americans move west?
a) They believed in Manifest Destiny.
b) They wanted to steal the land of the Natives.
c) They wanted to escape the king of England
d) All of the above.

How did Westward Expansion change the lives of Native Americans?
a) A Native American was elected to be president
b) Many Native Americans died in the Westward Expansion War
c) Native Americans were forced to take the Oregon Trail away form their homeland.
d) Natives were forced to move from their home and travel the Trail of Tears, many dying along the way.

Which claim best fits the Oregon Trail?
a) The journey was dangerous because many people died, got sick, or had to travel on rough terrain.
b) The journey was a dark time in American history, in which many Native Americans were forced from their home.
c) Pioneers traveled the Oregon Trail because they were looking for adventure.
d) The Oregon Trail was a safe and fun adventure.

The first part of the Constitution that explains why it was written is called
a) Articles of Confederation
b) Constitution
c) The Preamble
d) Declaration of Independence

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