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Who invented a new technology that would send electronic messages through a wire over long distances?
a) Eli Whitney
b) Thomas Edison
c) James Watt
d) Samuel Morse

Which of the following is true about the Industrial Revolution?
a) It led to increased farm production
b) All
c) America's population moved towards the cities
d) It led to increased pollution

Who was a prominent business man that became very powerful during the Industrial Revolution?
a) John D. Rockefeller
b) None
c) Andrew Carnegie
d) Both

What was eventually developed to protect workers and their working conditions?
a) Unions
b) Public Schools
c) The Steam Engine
d) The Spinning Jenny

What was a time in America (in the world as well) when inventions and innovations brought great change?
a) The Bronze Age
b) The Industrial Revolution
c) The Enlightenment
d) The Great Awakening

Which President set a policy to remove Indians from the lands, which was then backed up by the congress with the Indian Removal Act?
a) Andrew Jackson
b) Andrew Johnson
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) Thomas Jefferson

Which Native American group had adopted many European and American ways, even establishing a governing system and a constitution?
a) Lenape
b) Choctaw
c) Creek
d) Cherokee

Which of the following happened to the Cherokee during the roundup and transport to Indian Territory?
a) All
b) The Cherokee requested and were granted the right to remove themselves
c) Many on the journey died due to poor sanitation and drought
d) Families were separated and had little time to collect possessions

What resource was found on Cherokee land that caused the state of Georgia to give lotteries to white citizens for Cherokee land?
a) Silver
b) Gold
c) Oil
d) Salt

Which of the following is true about the Supreme Court's decision regarding the Cherokee and their removal?
a) They won their Supreme Court case
b) Both
c) Andrew Jackson disregarded the court's decision
d) None

Which of the following was a Native American tribe that was settled between the Mississippi River and the original thirteen states.
a) Cherokee
b) Chickasaw
c) Creek
d) All

What did many Cherokee decide to do after the government ignored the decision?
a) They signed a treaty giving up their land
b) They declared war on the United States
c) The raided the Supreme Court building
d) All

Which of the following is an idea that the U.S. was destined to extend its borders from coast to coast?
a) Manifest Destiny
b) The Great Migration
c) The Middle Passage
d) The American Dream

What is a reason that Thomas Jefferson had hoped to expand the territory of the United States?
a) To extend American farmland so that it could grow enough to supply food to the world markets.
b) To have control of the port at New Orleans with access to the Mississippi River.
c) None
d) Both

Who was given the task of designing the new capital in Washington, DC?
a) Merriweather Lewis
b) Pierre Charles L'Enfant
c) John O'Hurley
d) Robert Clark

Which of the following was a consequence of western migration?
a) Increased slavery
b) All
c) Native American conflict
d) Wars

During the 19th century, which way was the American population moving?
a) East
b) West
c) North
d) South

Which of the following is true about Thomas Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana Territory?
a) Many were convinced that he did not have the right to do this
b) Napoleon and the French sold the land to support their wars in Europe
c) All
d) He sent Lewis and Clark to explore the purchase

Which of the following had to improve to accommodate for a larger U.S. territory?
a) The Transportation System
b) Slavery
c) Native American Wars
d) All

Which invention exposed the problems of child labor during the Industrial Revolution and led to laws requiring children to be in school?
a) Morse Code
b) The Cotton Gin
c) The Camera
d) The Telephone

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