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Which of the following would be considered an element of civillization?
a) migrating groups
b) culture
c) climate
d) organized goverment

Early settlers in the Tigris and the Euphrates river valley who learned to farm would have devolped which kind of culture?
a) neolithic
b) paleothic
c) iron age
d) Bronze age

What are the two rivers that watered the area called Mesopotamia?
a) Nile and the Euphrates
b) Ganges and the Indus
c) Tigris and the Euphrates
d) Niger and the Nile

Why did Sumerians invent cuneiform?
a) to keep buisness records
b) to write down religous beleifs
c) to write stories about heroes
d) write letters to each other

What was a Sumerain city- state was most similar to?
a) a small empire
b) a small country
c) a small town
d) a small continent

Which of the following groups lived closest to the ziggurat?
a) fishermen
b) merchants
c) artsains
d) farmers

Where did most of Sumerian life take place?
a) in the fields and around the ziggurat
b) in the palace of the king
c) in the courts around the ziggurat
d) in the market place

Which Biblical story is the Sumerian story of Gilgamesh most similar to?
a) David and Goliath
b) Noah and the Ark
c) Moses and the Ten Commandments
d) Soloman\'s Temple

Sargon I crated the world's first _____________.
a) city-state
b) system of writing
c) empire
d) calendar

Where was Sargon I from?
a) Akkad
b) Ur
c) Babylon
d) Assyria

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