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Chapter 5 is titled, "Three Broken Threads." In this metaphor, the "threads" represent
a) leads
b) murders
c) characters
d) suspects

The attitude displayed by Sir Henry Baskerville concerning his move into Baskervile Hall is
a) He will go but intends to fire the Barrymores on his arrival
b) He asks Watson to move in with him for protection
c) He has made up his mind to go and no one can change his mind
d) He is relctant to go and would prefer to stay in London

The date of the document which told the legend of the Baskervile curse is
a) 1782
b) 1742
c) 1730
d) 1760

As Sir Henry prepares to go to Baskerville Hall, who does Holmes suggest go with him for protection
a) Cartwright
b) Holmes himself
c) Dr. Watson
d) Dr. Mortimer

Why did the author begin the story with a long discussion of a walking stick in chapter one?
a) He wants to give the reader insight into Holmes' problem solving methods
b) He wants to point out to the reader that Watson isn't very bright
c) He wants the reader to determine the owner of the walking stick
d) He wants to show the reader how popular the use of walking sticks were

Inherited a thousand pounds from Sir Charles
a) Cartwright
b) James Desmond
c) Dr. Mortimer
d) Mr. Stapleton

Elderly clergyman, distant cousin to Baskerville
a) Mr. Franklund
b) Hugo Baskerville
c) Barrymore
d) James Desmond

What did Murphy, who was present on the night of Sir Charles death testify concerning that night?
a) He heard cries in the distance
b) He saw a large, black animal that looked like a calf
c) He saw footprints of a huge hound near the body
d) He heard the sound of a horse and carriage driving away

Barrymore is a possible suspect in killing Sir Charles. Choose the answer that points to him
a) He would inherit the Baskerville estate
b) He and his wife each received 500 pounds upon the death of Sir Charles
c) He did not get along with Sir Charles
d) He was found next to his body

He had long, quivering fingers as agile and restless as the antennae of an insect. This is an example of
a) Paradox
b) Simile
c) Metaphor
d) Personification

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