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The term inorganic means....
a) something that once was alive
b) something that was never alive
c) from the earth
d) formed from something that is man made

In order to be considered a mineral, the substance must be...
a) natural
b) inorganic
c) solid
d) all of the above

Mohs scale of hardness
a) places minerals in order according to how easily they can be scratched
b) helps determine what color a mineral is
c) helps to determine where a mineral can be found
d) all of the above

A mineral's streak is....
a) is often different from the color of the mineral
b) the color of a minerals powder and tested by using a streak plate
c) the most useful way to identify a mineral
d) all of the above

If a large amount of light bounces or reflects off the surface of a mineral we say the mineral has
a) color
b) luster
c) hardness
d) bling

You are testing a rock to see how easily it scratches...what are property are you testing?
a) cleavage
b) fracture
c) hardness
d) vitrocity

Jose wants to test a mineral to see how much pressure causes it to break. What is the independent variable in this scenerio?
a) the amount of breakage
b) the amount of pressure
c) minerals not being tested
d) the amount space an object occupies

Lil' Wayne just received a shiney new necklace with a big dollar sign on it for his birthday. What would be the best way for Lil' to find out if the necklace is pure gold or fake?
a) test the necklace with a nail file
b) just look at the color
c) Rub the necklace on a streak plate to examine the streak
d) smell it...real gold smells rich

The scientist that studies rocks and minerals is known as
a) A geographer
b) A geothermalist
c) A geologist
d) a rock doc

The last step in the scientific method is....
a) hypothesis
b) conclusion
c) problem
d) research

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