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What kind of balance uses dissimilar objects that have the same visual weight?
a) crystallographic
b) asymmetrical
c) symmetrical
d) radial

Which of the following is NOT considered an occupation in the career field of multimedia?
a) multimedia producer
b) virtual reality specialist
c) Web designer
d) help desk specialist

The first step in the design process is:
a) Evaluate
b) Implement
c) Analyze
d) Develop

A good rule of thumb for using text on computer based multimedia projects is to:
a) Use all uppercase text for headings with regular text for the text body.
b) Vary the size and weight of the font in proportion to the importance of the message being delivered.
c) Tightly pack the text body and surround headlines with limited white space.
d) Use at least 72 pt size fonts for headings and 8 pt size fonts for the text body

Examples of warm colors include:
a) Violet and blue.
b) Blue and green.
c) Black and white.
d) Orange and red

A flatbed scanner can scan all of the following except?
a) photographs
b) motion video
c) objects such as keys, coins and tools
d) line drawings and cartoons

Many sound editing programs visually represent the amplitude of the audio in:
a) tracks
b) pings
c) layers
d) waveforms

Spelling and proofreading of all text should be done:
a) By the multimedia programmer only
b) In all stages of design and testing
c) Only before marketing the product
d) By professional proofreaders

The download time for web graphics in dependent on?
a) file size monitor resolution
b) connection speed file size
c) connection speed monitor size
d) monitor size resolution

A multimedia file containing musical keynote values and timing information for recreating musical compositions is:
a) an object based animation
b) a sampled wave
c) a MIDI file
d) a custom interface control

Which of the following statements regarding 3-D is true?
a) You must have light and shadow to see the 3-D effect.
b) You are changing your computer monitor from 2-D to a real 3-D environment.
c) You must use only a 3-D graphic program that starts with a wire frame model.
d) 3-D graphics usually take up less storage space than 2-D.

The standard document format for static web pages is?
a) FTP
b) Java
d) RSS

.An object representing a shape in a 3-D program is a?
a) spline
b) pseudo character
c) channel
d) model

Small versions of larger graphics on a web page are commonly called?
a) sample images
b) link images
c) reference images
d) thumbnail images

Displaying several images sequentially in rapid sequence to create an illusion of motion is a common technique used in?
a) AVI animation
b) animated GIFs
c) PING animation
d) animated JPGs

Which of the following are common audio files?
c) MID, WAV, MP3

A digital portfolio should include all of the following elements EXCEPT?
a) 2D graphics
b) audio compositions
c) animation projects
d) new project ideas

Where should the light source be placed when using a camera or camcorder to achieve the effect of front lighting?
a) Directly above the subject.
b) Behind the subject.
c) Directly above the background
d) Behind the camera.

The purpose of the key frame in animation is to?
a) Save the perspective
b) The focal point of the animation
c) Frame the object
d) Mark the beginning and end of the movement.

Values that may change during the execution of a multimedia project are best stored in:
a) boxes
b) record
c) statements
d) variables

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