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Which of these best describes the effect the sun’s gravity has on the movement of planets in the solar system?
a) It determines the direction in which planets rotate on their axes.
b) It gives the initial push that makes planets revolve around the sun.
c) It holds planets in a particular orbit around the sun.
d) It pulls some planets closer to each other and pushes others farther away.

Which use of recent technology has had hazardous results on the environment?
a) building outdoor furniture using recycled plastics
b) identifying areas on Earth using a global positioning system (GPS)
c) disposing of unwanted cell phone batteries in landfills
d) searching online information using a personal device

Which number of a solution is neutral?
a) 2.2
b) 10.5
c) 4.5
d) 7.0

A student pours some cooking oil into a bottle that contains water. The student shakes the bottle. The combination of cooking oil and water is best described as
a) an element
b) a particle
c) a mixture
d) a compound

When current flows through a circuit, how do the properties of the circuit change?
a) The density of the circuit decreases
b) The number of atoms in the circuit decreases
c) The magnetic force of the circuit increases
d) The atomic number of the circuit increases

Which adaptation is most helpful to a plant living in an area with frequent periods of drought?
a) bright flowers
b) waxy coatings
c) broad leaves
d) smooth stems

Which combination of substances will produce a compound?
a) sodium and chlorine
b) sugar and water
c) salt and pepper
d) dressing and salad

The atmosphere of Earth is a mixture of different gases. What are the two most abundant gases in Earth’s atmosphere?
a) hydrogen and carbon dioxide
b) carbon dioxide and nitrogen
c) hydrogen and oxygen
d) nitrogen and oxygen

NASA is developing a new deep-space telescope to replace the Hubble Space Telescope. Which will best help NASA determine whether the new telescope is an improvement over the Hubble Space Telescope?
a) comparing the capabilities of the new telescope to those of the Hubble Space Telescope
b) interviewing scientists about their opinion on the new telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope
c) researching different types of lenses that can be used in space telescopes
d) analyzing how much it costs to build space telescopes

A bronchodilator is a type of medicine used by people with asthma. This type of medicine quickly relaxes tightened muscles around airways to allow air to flow through. This medecine is best described as
a) an assistive product
b) an adaptive product
c) an electronic product
d) a magnetic product

In which state of matter do the particles of a substance move at the slowest speed?
a) gas
b) liquid
c) solid
d) plasma

A functioning electromagnet causes
a) the movement of electrons
b) magnetic fields to become smaller
c) electrons to change into protons
d) nonmetal objects to become magnetic

Which statement best compares pure water and lemonade?
a) Water and lemonade are both mixtures
b) Water and lemonade are both compounds
c) Water is a mixture, and lemonade is a compound
d) Water is a compound, and lemonade is a mixture

Water vapor, dust particles, oxygen, ozone, nitrogen, and argon are some of the materials that make up the atmosphere of Earth. Which element is found in trace amounts in the atmosphere of Earth?
a) helium
b) calcium
c) iron
d) aluminum

A teacher gives a student an unidentified liquid in a beaker. Which statement can the student correctly make about the liquid without knowing any of its specific properties?
a) It is made up of atoms
b) It is a compound
c) It is a good electrical conductor
d) It is a nonmetal

Which of these is most likely the result of a chemical reaction?
a) solids broken down into smaller pieces
b) liquids brought to a boil
c) formation of white crystals as water evaporates
d) formation of iron oxide as metal rusts

Which of these molecules is made up of only one element?
a) oxygen, O2
b) water, H2O
c) carbon dioxide, CO2
d) sodium chloride, NaCl

Prosthetic devices, such as robotic legs, help improve the quality of life for many individuals with physical limitations. Which type of technology best describes a prosthetic device?
a) nuclear technology
b) automotive technology
c) space technology
d) assistive technology

An orange juice company produces a new variety of orange juice by adding calcium citrate to the juice. The original orange juice had a pH of 3.88. The new orange juice has a pH of 4.18. Which statement best describes the change to the orange juice?
a) The new orange juice is more acidic than the original orange juice.
b) The new orange juice is less acidic than the original orange juice.
c) The new orange juice is now a base.
d) The new orange juice is now neutral.

A substance with a pH of 9.2 is ________.
a) an acid
b) a base
c) neutral
d) frozen

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