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Who upsets Aunt Alexandra by talking bad about Atticus in his own house, saying that he was wrong to defend Tom?
a) Miss Stephanie
b) Miss Caroline
c) Mrs. Merriweather
d) Miss Gates

Who said it? 'When they finally saw him, why he hadn't done any of those things. Atticus, he was real nice.'
a) Scout
b) Jem
c) Boo
d) Tom

Who said it? 'Will you take me home?'
a) Arthur
b) Tom
c) Mayella
d) Scout

Who said it? ' Some folks don't like the way I live. I try to give em a reason you see. It helps folks if they can latch onto a reason.'
a) Tom
b) Bob
c) Atticus
d) Dolphus

Who said it? 'It's when you know you're licked before you begin, but you begin anyway, and you see it through no matter what.'
a) Heck
b) Atticus
c) jem
d) Tom

Who said it? 'Whether Maycomb knows it or not, we're paying the highest tribute we can pay a man. We trust him to do right. It's that simple.
a) Miss Rachel
b) Aunt Alexandra
c) Miss Maudie
d) Miss Gates

Who said it? 'Let the dead bury the dead.'
a) Heck Tate
b) Atticus
c) Boo
d) Dolphus

Who said it? 'You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view.
a) Heck
b) Atticus
c) Jem
d) Miss Maudie

Fill in the blank: 'She tried to bring them up according to her lights, and ____'s lights are pretty good-- and another thing, the children love her.'
a) Miss Maudie
b) Calpurnia
c) Miss Rachel
d) Aunt Alexandra

Fill in the blank: 'You're real nice, ______, and I reckon I love you even after what you did, but you don't understand children much.'
a) Atticus
b) Uncle Jack
c) Aunt Alexandra
d) Miss Maudie

Fill in the blank: 'He declined to let us take our ______ to the Landing and said if we made one false move, he'd take them away from us for good.'
a) baseball
b) football
c) shotgun
d) air rifles

Who agreed with Dill about the racist society?
a) Scout
b) Jem
c) Dolphus
d) Mr. Avery

One night, Boo attacked his parents and was sent to Enfield Prison Farm
a) True
b) False

One triumph for Atticus's defense is the length of time the jury took to deliberate before finding Tom guilty
a) True
b) False

Calpurnia scolds Scout for ridiculing Walter, who is a guest at their table
a) True
b) False

Scout finally stood in Boo's shoes when she
a) stood in front of his window
b) walked him home
c) sat next to him on her porch
d) realized he saved her life

Atticus says it's a sin to kill a mockingbird because
a) they're almost extinct
b) it's a waste of time
c) they only bring joy and beauty to people
d) killing them upsets the balance of nature

Why did Scout miss her cue for the play?
a) The drum was too loud
b) She was talking to Cecil
c) She fell asleep
d) She went the wrong way

Scout learns a lot about hypocrisy towards the end of our story. Who confuses her the most by hating what Hitler is doing to the 'poor Jews,' yet says that the black people should be taught a lesson?
a) Miss Caroline
b) Miss Gates
c) Miss Stephanie
d) Mrs. Merriweather

Who is Walter Cunningham Jr.s foil character?
a) Burris Ewell
b) Chuck Little
c) Cecil Jacobs
d) Bob Ewell

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