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The Bill of Rights is what we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Why were they added?
a) They were added to explain the powers of the state governments.
b) They were added to limit the influence of Great Britain.
c) They were added to extend the right to vote to all Americans.
d) They were added to guarantee basic freedoms to Americans.

Which of the following is ONE responsibility of a good citizen?
a) owning a house
b) obeying the laws
c) raising a family
d) attending a college

The Sioux, the Pawnees, and the Dakotas lived on the rolling lands west of the Mississippi River. They hunted buffalo for food, clothing, and other items needed to live. Where did they live?
a) the Pacific Northwest
b) the Southwest
c) the Great Plains
d) the Southeast

During the 1400s and 1500s, many Europeans wanted to find a new route to the riches of Asia. This wish to find a new route would lead to the
a) exploration of North and South America.
b) end of European trade with China and India.
c) making of these traded products in Europe.
d) closing of markets in Europe for Asian goods.

During the 1400s and 1500s, explorers from European nations laid claim to lands in North and South America. The first explorer to reach the New World at that time claimed lands for the King of Spain. He was
a) Henry Hudson.
b) Pedro Cabral.
c) Giovanni Verrazano.
d) Christopher Columbus.

Following the first voyage of Columbus, Spaniards sailed to North and South America to establish colonies. Which of the following was the most important reason why?
a) The Spanish wanted to spread the Protestant religion to the Native Americans.
b) The Spanish were searching for gold and silver.
c) The Spanish wanted to start a colony that promised religious freedom.
d) The Spanish were founding a colony for debtors.

Thomas Paine was famous for his writings during the struggle for independence from Great Britain. Today, his writings would be protected by
a) freedom of religion.
b) freedom of the press.
c) freedom of petition.
d) freedom of assembly.

The settlement at Jamestown was started in 1607. The leaders of Jamestown thought that they could force the Native Americans to grow crops for them. When this failed they started
a) using settlers from France.
b) bringing slaves from Africa.
c) using captured Spanish prisoners.
d) bringing more settlers from England.

What did rivers provide for settlers in colonial America?
a) clean air
b) heat
c) materials for homes
d) food and transportation

People living in the American colonies had to trade for things they needed. Sometimes they traded with other colonies and sometimes they traded with England. Which of the following groups ran business and did most of the trading?
a) merchants
b) slaves
c) large landownvers
d) indentured servants

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