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Who is devastated by the verdict and loses faith in humanity?
a) Dill
b) Jem
c) Scout
d) Atticus

The fatal mistake Tom made in his testimony was when he
a) admits to raping her
b) says he feels sorry for her
c) calls her a liar
d) all of the above

Tom Robinson couldn't have hurt Mayella because
a) He had just moved to town
b) His left arm was cut off
c) He was in jail the night of the crime
d) His left arm was crippled

Mr. Ewell causes a commotion in the courtroom during his testimony
a) when he writes with his left hand
b) when he uses inappropriate language to answer the questions
c) when he gets up and runs into Atticus
d) None of the above

The group of men leave the jail because
a) Atticus told them to go home
b) They didn't want to wake up Tom
c) Scout makes them stand in Atticus's shoes
d) Heck threatened to shoot them

Atticus defends Tom because
a) No one else will take the case
b) He's a good friend of Tom's
c) It is the right thing to do
d) He hates Bob Ewell

Mrs. Dubose's main purpose in the plot is
a) to teach Jem a lesson about courage and understanding
b) to illustrate Southern prejudice
c) to show how bad drugs are
d) to show what old ladies are really like

As a result of the fire at Miss Maudie's
a) Scout and Jem see Boo Radley
b) The town realizes they need a new fire truck
c) Jem realizes that Boo is a gentle, good man
d) The town builds her a new house

Maycomb's usual disease
a) poverty
b) racism
c) sexism
d) cooties

Tim Johnson is
a) on trial for rape
b) a natural born gentleman
c) a rabid dog
d) a victim of cruel poverty

Scout teaches Uncle Jack to
a) never punish children
b) spank Francis
c) trust his own instinct
d) hear both sides of an issue

Her house was destroyed by fire
a) Miss Stephanie
b) Miss Caroline
c) Miss Maudie
d) Miss Rachel

Scout beats Francis up because
a) He insults Jem
b) He insults Atticus
c) He got her off on the wrong foot
d) He told on her to Aunt Alexandra

Dill told Atticus that Jem lost his pants playing
a) Texas Hold 'em
b) Checkers
c) Strip poker
d) Matches

Why couldn't Walter Jr pass the 1st grade?
a) He was lazy
b) He skipped class
c) He had to help his dad on the farm
d) He wasn't smart enough

The author of TKAM is
a) Harper Lee
b) Mark Twain
c) Louisa May Alcott
d) Suzanne Collins

Miss Caroline shows her ignorance of Maycomb's ways when she:
a) Keeps Burris after school
b) offers to lend Walter a quarter
c) teaches the Dewey Decimal system
d) cries

Why can't women serve on a jury?
a) They're too fragile
b) They would ask too many questions
c) Both A and B
d) None of the above

What does Dill want to be when he grows up?
a) A clown
b) A lawyer
c) A writer
d) A sheriff

Aunt Alexandra believes that people are a product of
a) the events in their life
b) fate
c) their environment
d) their family background

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