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Sidney is organizing a 5K run to raise money for cancer research. Sidney agrees to post the Fresh Water Company's sign at the event's participant registration desk in exchange for bottles of water to give the runners who participate in the event. Thi
a) selective distribution strategy.
b) professional testimonial.
c) barter agreement
d) contingency plan.

It can be beneficial for a sport/event organization to develop a bartering agreement with a vendor if the agreement
a) helps decrease event expenses.
b) involves obtaining food and beverage items.
c) meets the organization's selling goals.
d) includes sales-promotion products.

What type of insurance do event organizers purchase in order to cover spectator ticket refunds, sponsorship refunds, and vendor payments?
a) Cancellation
b) property
c) accident
d) term

When assessing risks associated with an upcoming event, sport/event organizations should acquire input from all levels of management and
a) local personnel inspectors.
b) public-relations agencies.
c) financial consultants.
d) vertical staff members.

An event planner should consider purchasing weather insurance for a(n)
a) reception held at a country club.
b) outdoor art show and festival.
c) charity dinner and silent auction.
d) indoor swimming competition.

Purchasing basic liability insurance protects the sport/event organization or facility from financial risks associated with
a) injuries.
b) weather
c) terrorism
d) sales

What factors might a concert promoter consider when conducting a facility inspection for an upcoming event?
a) Load-in time and advertising costs
b) Storage space and hospitality options
c) Ticket design and equipment availability
d) Concession arrangement and sponsorship costs

A facility's size, amenities, and location are important considerations when event planners
a) review advertisements.
b) conduct site inspections.
c) organize lists
d) select payment methods.

What do sport/event marketers usually develop to be prepared for possible emergency or crisis situations?
a) Transportation systems
b) Publicity procedures
c) Contingency plans
d) Financial agreements

What do event planners often consider when conducting site inspections of properties that might be used for an event?
a) Reservation list
b) Expected gratuity
c) Confirmation number
d) Geographic location

Which of the following is an example of a hospitality option that might be selected to offer preferred customers who attend sports events:
a) Admission to private receptions
b) Discounts on future tickets
c) Free advertising in programs
d) Copies of autographed photos

Which of the following is an example of a hospitality option that is offered to select spectators or fans:
a) Meet and greet backstage passes at a concert
b) Lawn seating at an outdoor concert venue
c) Concessions available for sale in the stands
d) Tickets available for sale to the public on a certain date

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