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The United States government is divided into three separate parts to make sure that the
a) Senate has more power than the House of Representatives.
b) president of the United States has the final say in all matters.
c) executive, legislative, and judicial branches share the power.
d) federal, state, and local governments work together.

There are different kinds of taxes, such as income tax and sales tax. What is a tax?
a) money collected by the government
b) a plan for using money
c) a car that carries passengers for money
d) the buying and selling of products

There are different levels of government in the United States. Which level of government usually makes laws for the whole country?
a) local
b) national
c) state
d) county

Who makes the laws for your state?
a) the police
b) the president
c) the state courts
d) the state legislature

Which of the following MOST LIKELY makes up a local community's government?
a) a governor and senators
b) a president and congress
c) a mayor and city council
d) a police chief and police officers

In a court, which ONE of the following has the job of making sure that the trial is fair and run according to the rules?
a) the judge
b) the lawyers
c) the jury
d) the person on trial

Which are usually built by the government with tax money?
a) factories
b) roads
c) barber shops
d) grocery stores

A factory makes 100 cars a day. They sell quickly, and dealers have lists of people wanting to buy the car. The factory owner decides to hire more workers and make 150 cars a day. This is an example of
a) buying and bartering.
b) specialization.
c) supply and demand.
d) mechanization.

Both natural resources and human resources are used in economics. Which of the following is an example of a natural resource?
a) money
b) workers in a factory
c) investors in a company
d) water

Land, labor, and capital (machines) are used to produce goods and services. These are known as
a) natural resources.
b) the laws of consumption.
c) the law of supply and demand.
d) the factors of production.

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