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Miss Maudie asked if she moved over in her bed for Tom
a) Miss Stephanie
b) Miss Rachel
c) Mrs. Merriweather
d) Miss Gates

He was born a gentleman
a) Chuck Little
b) Jem
c) Dill
d) Cecil Jacobs

Cal's oldest son
a) Zeebo
b) Jack
c) Cecil
d) Tom

Was more concerned with the Mrunas than the black people in her community
a) Miss Maudie
b) Miss Gates
c) Mayella
d) Mrs. Merriweather

Town gossip
a) Miss Rachel
b) Miss Alexandra
c) Miss Maudie
d) Miss Stephanie

Family who won't take anything they can't pay back
a) Robinsons
b) Cunninghams
c) Radleys
d) Jacobs

She had beautiful red geraniums, odd based on her surroundings
a) Miss Maudie
b) Lula
c) Calpurnia
d) Mayella Ewell

Town sheriff
a) Link Deas
b) Heck Tate
c) Bob Ewell
d) Charles Baker Harris

The bravest person Atticus knew
a) Tom Robinson
b) Heck Tate
c) Miss Maudie
d) Mrs. Dubose

Owned the newspaper. Didn't like black people, but protected Atticus and Tom anyways.
a) Braxton Underwood
b) Mr. Avery
c) Link Deas
d) Heck Tate

Was Tom's employer and hired Helen after Tom's death
a) Mr. Avery
b) Judge Taylor
c) Link Deas
d) Mr. Underwood

Who everyone thought was a drunk
a) Link Deas
b) Dolphus Raymond
c) Bob Ewell
d) Tom Robinson

The meanest man God ever blew breath into
a) Bob Ewell
b) Nathan Radley
c) Mr. Radley
d) Mr. Avery

Who was a true Southern lady with fantastic insults?
a) Miss Maudie
b) Miss Stephanie
c) Aunt Alexndra
d) Miss Rachel

Who hated Hitler, but also hated black people?
a) Miss Caroline
b) Miss Stephanie
c) Miss Gates
d) Miss Rachel

The white trash family
a) Cunninghams
b) Finches
c) Ewells
d) Harris

Scout's real name
a) Jean Louise
b) Alexandria
c) Caroline May
d) Mayella Sue

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