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Which of the resources listed below are nonrenewable resources?
a) Coal
b) Wind
c) Solar
d) Water

Which of the following resources are renewable?
a) Wind
b) Coal
c) Oil
d) Natural gas

Energy from burning organic or living matter is called what?
a) Biomass
b) Solar
c) Nuclear
d) Wind

Energy from the flow of water is called?
a) Hydroelectric
b) Wind
c) Geothermal
d) Solar

Where do we get solar energy from?
a) Sun
b) Wind
c) Underground
d) Uranium

Energy from Earth's heat is called?
a) Geothermal
b) Hydroelectric
c) Wind
d) Nuclear

What is coal made from?
a) Dead plants
b) Dead animals
c) Dead plants and animals
d) None of the above

Nuclear fission uses what to produce energy?
a) Uranium
b) Silver
c) Gold
d) Titanium

A natural resource that cannot be re-made or re-grown at a scale comparable to its consumption is called?
a) Nonrenewable
b) Renewable

Which of the following is a renewable resource?
a) All of the answers
b) None of the answers
c) Coal
d) Water

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