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Protists that get energy from photosynthesis are
a) amoebas
b) mushrooms
c) algae
d) fungi

Paramecium reproduces sexually by
a) budding
b) fission
c) conjugation
d) ascus

The structure containing spores in a sac fungi is called a
a) ascus
b) basidium
c) spore
d) hyphae

________________live on dead organic matter
a) parasites
b) decomposers
c) consumers
d) chickens

Animal-like protists are also called
a) protozoa
b) algae
c) fungi
d) ducks

A parasite gets its nutrients from its
a) mother
b) sun
c) host
d) spores

Plantlike protists include
a) euglenoids and ciliates
b) lichens and flagellates
c) spore-forming protists and smuts
d) dinoflagellates and diatoms

Funguslike protists
a) are consumers or decomposers
b) are made of chains of cells called hyphae
c) are divided into four major groups
d) are always parasites

A euglenoid has
a) a micronucleus
b) pseudopodia
c) two flagella
d) cilia

a) are producers
b) cannot eat or engulf food
c) are found only in the soil
d) are primarily single-celled

A lichen
a) is a parasite
b) is made up of an alga and a fungus that live intertwined together
c) can live only where there is plenty of water
d) is a consumer

Animal-like protists
a) are also known as protozoa
b) include amoebas and Paramecium
c) may be either free-living or parasitic
d) All of the above

A contractile vacuole
a) is a food passageway
b) pumps out excess water
c) is the location of food digestion
d) can be found in any animal-like protist

How are protists classified?
a) By how they move
b) By their color
c) By their organelles
d) By the way they obtain food

Tiny hairlike structures on the outside of a cell are called
a) flagella
b) cilia
c) dinoflagellates
d) paramecia

What is true about flagella and cilia?
a) They are both whip-like structures.
b) Organisms have large numbers of both structures.
c) Both are used in the feeding process.
d) Both can be used for movement.

How are fungi able to survive periods of cold and drought?
a) They can't
b) They form spores
c) They migrate
d) Cows

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