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A city council is the local government version of the −
a) executive branch of government.
b) national branch of government.
c) legislative branch of government.
d) state branch of government.

Who exercises legislative powers at the county level of local government?
a) City Council
b) Mayor
c) Town Council
d) Board of Supervisors

Who oversees the operation of the K-12 public schools in the city and county?
a) City Council
b) Board of Supervisors
c) School Board
d) School Principal

City and town councils enact ordinances and adopt the annual ___.
a) Budget
b) Mascot
c) Festival
d) Project

Which local government officials may be elected or appointed?
a) Board of Supervisors members
b) Town Council members
c) City Council members
d) School Board members

In order to oversee the operations of the local government, Virginia counties, towns, and cities may hire a –
a) judge.
b) police officer.
c) manager.
d) banker.

In every Virginia locality, judicial disputes are resolved by –
a) police officers.
b) courts.
c) council members
d) mayor.

The commissioner of revenue, the clerk of circuit court, the sheriff, and the city treasurer are all -
a) elected.
b) appointed.
c) court officials.
d) city council members.

Which is a local government power?
a) enforce federal laws
b) enforce state and local laws
c) establish foreign policy
d) establish an army

Choose the best title for the following list: promote public health, educate children, regulate land use.
a) Circuit court powers
b) National government powers
c) Local government powers
d) School board powers

What power of Virginia local governments provides funding for education and public safety?
a) levy taxes
b) coin money
c) individual donations
d) retail store sales

Local governments derive their power from the −
a) regional government.
b) national government.
c) local government.
d) state government.

Powers given to cities are listed in the −
a) Charters of the Virginia Company of London.
b) City Power Manuscript.
c) City Charter.
d) City Doctrine.

Powers of local government come from the Constitution of Virginia and −
a) the Constitution of the United States.
b) Acts by the General Assembly.
c) Acts by the Supreme Court.
d) the Virginia Declaration of Rights.

Who is responsible for passing laws (ordinances) for the county?
a) Council
b) Individuals
c) Mayor
d) Board of Supervisors

Who is the local legislative body in independent cities and incorporated towns?
a) Council
b) Board of Supervisors
c) School Board
d) Individuals

Who has the greatest influence on the decisions made by local government officials?
a) Mayor
b) Manager
c) Individuals
d) Council

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