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How does petrified wood form?
a) A log falls into water that freezes.
b) Sedimentary rock forms over a log
c) Igneous rock covers a log and heats it.
d) Water seeps through a log, replacing its cells with minerals.

What rock would you most likely find a fossil?
a) basalt
b) granite
c) gneiss
d) limestone

This type of fossil is formed when a visible shape is left after an animal or plant was buried in sediment and decayed away.
a) Cast Fossil
b) Mold Fossil
c) Trace Fossil
d) Carbon Film

This type of fossil is formed when a solid model in the shape of an organism is formed.
a) Cast fossil
b) Mold fossil
c) Trace fossil
d) Carbon Film

This type of fossil is formed when footprints, trails, animal holes, or feces are preserved.
a) Cast fossil
b) Mold fossil
c) Trace fossil
d) Carbon film

Jellyfish have rarely been fossilized because they
a) are very rare animals.
b) have soft bodies.
c) contain no carbon.
d) have not been around long enough to be fossilized.

What part of wooly mammoth will most likely be preserved?
a) skin
b) teeth
c) ears
d) organs

All of the following are media in which original remains are preserved, except
a) Ice
b) Petrified wood
c) Amber
d) Tar

Which of the following can preserve soft parts of organisms?
a) Casts
b) Molds
c) Petrified wood
d) Carbon film

What type of fossil would be most likely to show the complete outline of a leaf?
a) petrified wood
b) carbon film
c) cast fossil
d) trace fossil

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