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The substance that does the dissolving is called the ________.
a) solvent
b) mixture
c) solute
d) solution

A _____________ is a mixture that forms when one substance dissolves another.
a) solution
b) mixture
c) solute
d) solvent

A __________ is what is being added to the solvent.
a) solution
b) mixture
c) solute
d) solvent

______________ is called the universal solvent.
a) oil
b) sprite
c) water
d) coke

Water goes either through the ground or through our bodies, it takes along with it valuabe _____.
a) chemicals
b) all three
c) nutrients
d) minerals

Water's chemical make-up is....
a) 1 hydrogen and 2 oxygens
b) none of these are correct
c) 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen
d) 1 water and 2 oxygens

What type of charge does the water molecule have?
a) Hydrogen negative Oxygen positive
b) Hydrogen postive Oxygen negative
c) Hydrogen negative Oxygen negative
d) Hydrogen postive Oxygen positive

What causes the water to be \
a) polar molecule
b) polar monkeys :)
c) capillary action
d) surface tension

The charged ends of the water molecules attract the molecules of other polar substances such as.....
a) sugar
b) all of these
c) bleach
d) salt

You are making ice tea. What is the solute?
a) ice tea powder
b) ice cubes
c) water
d) ice tea which is ready to drink

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