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Trudy and Uri enter into a contract for the sale of Trudy’s house for which Uri agrees to pay her $200,000. Uri wants to transfer his right to the ownership of the house to Val, his niece. This transfer
a) must be in writing
b) must be implied
c) may be oral or written
d) is prohibited

Ralph and Sven enter into a contract under which Sven agrees to guide Ralph’s expedition through Tibet for which Ralph agrees to pay Sven. This contract may not be assigned if
a) any of the choices.
b) the contract is uniquely personal in nature.
c) the assignment is expressly prohibited by the terms of the contract.
d) the assignment will significantly change the risk of nonperformance.

Equity Company and Faye enter into a contract for Faye to cater a meeting of Equity’s shareholders. When Faye’s schedule conflicts, she asks Gudren to serve Faye’s coffee and pastries at the meeting. This transfer of duties is
a) a delegation
b) an assignment
c) an alienation
d) prohibited

Jean Paul and Hermosa enter into a contract under which Jean Paul agrees to provide greensward services for Hermosa’s Golf Links. Under an antidelegation clause, their contract can prohibit and prevent the transfer of
a) duties that are personal in nature.
b) duties that are impersonal in nature.
c) no duties under the contract.
d) all duties under the contract

Peri, a world famous musician and composer, agrees to give ten piano les¬sons to Quinn in exchange for $1,000. Peri’s attempt to transfer her contract duties to Roth, an in¬experienced pianist, will probably be
a) prohibited because Peri and Roth have very different skill levels.
b) prohibited because contracts may not be freely delegated.
c) permitted because the contract is concerned with music lessons.
d) permitted because contracts may be freely delegated.

Joy and Kris enter into a contract for Kris to lay sod in Joy’s yard for which she agrees to pay Kris. When Kris’s schedule conflicts, she contacts Leza, to whom Kris “assigns all rights under the contract.” Kris is
a) liable to Joy if Leza does not perform.
b) absolved of any liability under the contract.
c) in breach of the contract with Joy.
d) liable to Leza for inducing a prohibited contract

Vicky contracts with Rashad for the delivery of hospice services to benefit Sigmund. This is
a) a third party beneficiary contract
b) a delegation
c) an assignment
d) an alienation

Lois takes out a life insurance policy with Mega Insurance Corporation that names her son, Nero, as the bene¬ficiary. This is
a) a third party intended beneficiary contract.
b) a third party incidental beneficiary contract.
c) an assignment.
d) a delegation.

Linus and Marlena agree that Linus will fix Marlena’s roof in exchange for $8,000. Linus spends half of the amount due under the contract to acquire the materials for the job from Natural Roofing Supplies. Natural Roofing is
a) an incidental beneficiary.
b) an alien to the contract.
c) a delegatee.
d) an intended beneficiary.

Dwayne and Ewell enter into a contract for the design of an addition to Dwayne’s house for which he agrees to pay Ewell. Ewell transfers his right to payment under the contract to Flex Construction Company. Flex is
a) an assignee.
b) a delegatee
c) an obligee
d) an alien

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